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 Texts with keyword "Railway"AuthorDate
 A Concession on the Great Northern RailwayLeninFeb 1919
 Addendum to the Draft Decree on the Institution of an All-Russia Inter-Departmental Extraordinary Commission for Guarding the RailwaysLeninJan 1918
 Appeal To Railway, Water Transport And Metal WorkersLeninMay 1918
 Directions Concerning the Work of the Propaganda-Instructor Trains and SteamersLeninJan 1920
 Draft CC Directives On Army UnityLenin
Joseph Stalin
May 1919
 Draft Decision for the CPC on Unloading Potatoes and Snow Clearing of Moscow’s Streets and Railway TracksLeninJan 1920
 Draft Decision for the Council of Defence on Regulating Relations Between the Vecheka, the Railway Cheka and the Commissariat for Railways and a Letter to the Members of the Council of DefenceLeninFeb 1919
 Draft Decision for the Council of Defence on Supplying Breadstuffs to the RailwaymenLeninMar 1919
 Draft Decision for the Politbureau of the CC, RCP(b) on the Commander-in-Chief’s Protest Concerning the Order to the Commander of the Turkestan FrontLeninJan 1920
 Draft Decisions for the CC Politbureau on Measures to Fight MamontovLeninAug 1919
 Draft Resolution for the Politbureau of the CC, RCP(b) on the Letter of Tsektran OfficialsLeninJan 1921
 Extraordinary All-Russia Railwaymen’s Congress (January 1918)LeninJan 1918
 From The First Subbotnik On The Moscow-Kazan Railway To The All-Russia May Day SubbotnikLeninMay 1920
 Instruction to People's Commissariats, March 10, 1920LeninMar 1920
 Letter to Central Press Distribution Agency, Publishing Departments of the SEC, People’s Commissariat for Agriculture, People’s Commissariat for Railways, People’s Commissariat for Food, November 8, 1921LeninNov 1921
 Letter to Railwaymen Comrades on the Moscow-Kiev-Voronezh Railway, September 20, 1918LeninSep 1918
 Letter to the People's Commissariat for Military Affairs, January 30, 1918LeninJan 1918
 Letter to the Presidium of the All-Russia CEC, November 29, 1922LeninNov 1922
 Letter to the Workers, Artisans, Office Workers and Communist Party Cell of Proletarskaya Station, Vladikavkaz Railway, January 20, 1921LeninJan 1921
 Note To The Secretary, January 2, 1920LeninJan 1920
 On Improving the Management of Railway TransportLeninDec 1919
 Privileges for Locomotive Repair WorkersLeninFeb 1920
 Proposals Concerning the Work of the VechekaLeninDec 1918
 Re Decision of the CPC on LoggingLeninOct 1918
 Rehabilitation of Railway TransportLeninJun 1918
 Speech At A Meeting Of The Railwaymen Of Moscow JunctionLeninApr 1919
 Speech At The Extraordinary All-Russia Congress Of Railwaymen, December 26, 1917LeninDec 1917
 Speech Delivered At The All-Russia Congress Of Transport WorkersLeninMar 1921
 Speech at a Meeting of The Railwaymen of Moscow JunctionLeninFeb 1920
 Speech at a Meeting of the Council of People's CommissarsLeninNov 1917
 Statistical Observations on the Railway System (1862)Karl MarxJan 1862
 Telegram to Chiefs of Requisitioning Detachments on all Railways, July 1, 1918LeninJul 1918
 Telegram to Joseph Stalin, February 22, 1920LeninFeb 1920
 Telegram to Leon Trotsky, March, Not earlier than 8 and not later than 20, 1920LeninMar 1920
 Telegram to Ryabinin, January 5, 1919LeninJan 1919
 Telegram to the Irkutsk Gubernia Executive Committee or Gubernia Revolutionary Committee, June 10, 1920LeninJun 1920
 Telegram to the Revolutionary Military Council of the 3rd Army, the Perm Gubernia of the Commissar for Food, the Commissar of the Perm Railway, and the Ekaterinburg Gubernia Commissar for Food, November 20, 1919LeninNov 1919
 Telegram to the Revolutionary Military Council of the Southern Front, June 21, 1919LeninJun 1919
 Telephone Message To The All-Russia Extraordinary CommissionLeninApr 1919
 Telephone Message to the People’s Commissariat for Railways, October 6 or 7, 1921LeninOct 1921
 The Socialism of Mr. BismarkFriedrich EngelsFeb 1880
 The Socialist Fatherland is in Danger!Lenin
Leon Trotsky
Feb 1918
 To Members Of The Council Of DefenceLeninFeb 1920
 Two Recorded Speeches, March 1920LeninMar 1920