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 Texts with keyword "Transport"AuthorDate
 Appeal To Railway, Water Transport And Metal WorkersLeninMay 1918
 Civilised BarbarismLeninSep 1913
 Decree of the Council of Workers’ and Peasants’ Defence on Calling Up for Military Service Trade, Industrial and Transport Workers and Other EmployeesLeninMay 1919
 Directives to the "Algemba" Commission, May 28, 1921LeninMay 1921
 Draft Decision for the CPC on Motor TransportLeninMay 1918
 Draft Decision for the CPC on the Setting Up of a Water Transport Management BoardLeninMar 1918
 Draft Decisions for the Council of Defence on the State of TransportLeninFeb 1920
 Draft Decree On The Nationalisation Of The Merchant Marine And Inland Water TransportLeninJan 1918
 Draft Resolution for the CC, RCP(b) on Sending Groups of Workers Out on Food Transportation JobsLeninMar 1919
 Everybody On Food And Transport Work!LeninJan 1918
 Fragments of Truth Under the Rubbish of SlanderLeon TrotskyJun 1931
 Integrated Economic PlanLeninFeb 1921
 On Improving the Management of Railway TransportLeninDec 1919
 Postscript to Decisions of the Council of Defence on the State of TransportLeninFeb 1920
 Proposals to F. E. Dzerzhinsky’s Conclusions on the State of TransportLeninAug 1921
 Re Transport Department of VechekaLeninJan 1920
 Rehabilitation of Railway TransportLeninJun 1918
 Speech Delivered At The All-Russia Congress Of Transport WorkersLeninMar 1921
 Speech Delivered at the Third All-Russian Congress of Water Transport WorkersLeninMar 1920
 Speech at a Conference of Chairmen of Gubernia and Uyezd Executive CommitteesLeninFeb 1920
 The State of Inland Water TransportLeninMar 1918
 À La Guerre Comme À La Guerre!LeninFeb 1920