Telegram to the Revolutionary Military Council of the 3rd Army, the Perm Gubernia of the Commissar for Food, the Commissar of the Perm Railway, and the Ekaterinburg Gubernia Commissar for Food, November 20, 1919

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This telegram was written by decision of the Council of Defence, which dealt with the question of food supplies for the mining and metallurgical workers of the Urals at its sitting on November 20, 1919. Later, on December 15, Lenin sent another telegram to the same destination: “...regarding the supply of food for the Urals workers, only once has a reply been received—on December 15. Reports (how many poods are delivered) must be sent twice a month” = (Lenin Miscellany XXXIV, p. 245). On January 14, 1920, a telegram signed by Lenin and Rykov was sent to the R.M.C. of the Eastern Front, the Ufa Gubernia Food Commissar, the Commissar of the Samara-Zlatoust railway, and the Special Food Commissar of the 5th Army, pointing out the necessity of supplying food to all workers of the South Urals factories, mines and pits (see Lenin Miscellany XXXIV, p. 253).

R.M.C. 3

Gubernia Commissar for Food


Commissar of Perm Railway

Gubernia Commissar for Food


Copy to the Metals Department, Ekaterinburg[1]

At all costs provide all workers of the Urals, particularly the Ekaterinburg district, Kizel and other coal-mining districts, with full supplies of essential foodstuffs. All army authorities and railway officials are responsible for unconditional fulfilment. Reply at once how many poods have been supplied, and where.[2]


Chairman, Council o

  1. ↑ The words “Copy to the Metals Department, Ekaterinburg” are in Sklyansky’s handwriting.—Ed.
  2. ↑ The word? “how many poods have been supplied, and where” are in Sklyansky’s handwriting.—Ed.