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 Texts with keyword "Industry"AuthorDate
A “Fashionable” Branch of IndustryLeninJul 1913
Book Review: Commercial and Industrial RussiaLeninFeb 1899
Draft Decision for the CPC on the Financing of the Chief Committee for the Tanning IndustryLeninJun 1918
Draft Decision for the Politbureau of the CC, RCP(b) on the Management of the Cotton IndustryLeninOct 1921
Draft Plan of Scientific and Technical WorkLeninApr 1918
Integrated Economic PlanLeninFeb 1921
Letter to August Bebel, December 11-12, 1884Friedrich EngelsDec 1884
Letter to August Bebel, January 18, 1884Friedrich EngelsJan 1884
Letter to August Bebel, October 28, 1885Friedrich EngelsOct 1885
Letter to Conrad Schmidt, March 12, 1895Friedrich EngelsMar 1895
Letter to Conrad Schmidt, October 27, 1890Friedrich EngelsOct 1890
Letter to Florence Kelley Wischnewetzky, February 10, 1885Friedrich EngelsFeb 1885
Letter to Friedrich Adolph Sorge, December 2, 1893Friedrich EngelsDec 1893
Letter to Friedrich Engels, February 22, 1858Karl MarxFeb 1858
Letter to Friedrich Engels, January 28, 1863Karl MarxJan 1863
Letter to Gertrud Guillaume-Schack, July 5, 1885Friedrich EngelsJul 1885
Letter to Karl Marx, March 18, 1848Friedrich EngelsMar 1848
Letter to Karl Marx, March 4, 1858Friedrich EngelsMar 1858
Letter to Karl Marx, September 23, 1852Friedrich EngelsSep 1852
Letter to Nikolai Danielson, June 18, 1892Friedrich EngelsJun 1892
Letter to Nikolai Danielson, September 22, 1892Friedrich EngelsSep 1892
Letter to the Central Administration of the Coal Industry, July 20, 1921LeninJul 1921
Letter to the Central Administration of the Leather Industry Under the Supreme Economic Council, November 12, 1920LeninNov 1920
Proposals for the Distribution of Functions Between the Deputy Chairmen of the CPC and the CLDLeninDec 1922
Re Decision of the CPC on LoggingLeninOct 1918
Rough Draft for a CPC Decision on the Printing Industry Department of SECLeninMar 1919
Rough Draft of an Agreement with The SEC and the Commissariat for Trade and Industry on the Conditions of Barter Between Town and CountryLeninMay 1918
Telephone Message to Deputy Head of the Central Statistical Board, August 2, 1921LeninAug 1921
The Building Industry and Building WorkersLeninMay 1913
The Conversion of Munition Works to Economically Useful Work (November 29 , 1917)LeninNov 1917
The Crisis in Trade and Industry (1855)Karl MarxJan 1855
The Handicraft Census of 1894-95 in Perm Gubernia and General Problems of “Handicraft” IndustryLeninJan 1987
The Language of FiguresLeninSep 1913
Theses On The Food QuestionLeninAug 1918
Theses on IndustryLeon TrotskyJul 1923
To The Workers And Employees At The State Elektroperedacha Power StationLeninNov 1922
What Is the 'Smychka'?Leon TrotskyDec 1928