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 Texts with keyword "Capitalism"AuthorDate
 A Characterisation of Economic RomanticismLeninJan 1897
 A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy (Manuscripts of 1861-63)Karl MarxAug 1861
 A Deal With the Capitalists or Overthrow of the Capitalists?LeninMay 1917
 A Great Technical AchievementLeninApr 1913
 A Little Picture In Illustration Of Big ProblemsLeninJan 1918
 A Questionnaire on the Organisations of Big CapitalLeninApr 1912
 A “Scientific” System of SweatingLeninMar 1913
 An Epidemic of CredulityLeninJun 1917
 Appeal To The International ProletariatLeninAug 1921
 Armaments and CapitalismLeninMay 1913
 Bellicose Militarism and the Anti-Militarist Tactics of Social-DemocracyLeninJul 1908
 Book Review: J. A. Hobson. The Evolution of Modern CapitalismLeninApr 1899
 Capital, Volume IKarl MarxJan 1867
 Capital, Volume IIKarl MarxJan 1861
 Capital, Volume IIIKarl MarxJan 1894
 Capitalism and Female LabourLeninApr 1913
 Capitalism and Popular ConsumptionLeninJul 1912
 Capitalism and TaxationLeninJul 1913
 Capitalism and Workers’ ImmigrationLeninOct 1913
 Capitalism and the PressLeninMar 1914
 Capitalism and “Parliament”LeninJun 1912
 Capitalism in AgricultureLeninJan 1899
 Capitalists and ArmamentsLeninJun 1913
 Citizens! See What Methods the Capitalists of All Countries Are Using!LeninApr 1917
 Civilised BarbarismLeninSep 1913
 Class Collaboration With Capital, or Class Struggle Against Capital?LeninMay 1917
 Concentration of Production in RussiaLeninAug 1912
 Das KapitalKarl MarxJan 1861
 Draft Resolution on the Consequences of using Machinery under Capitalism Proposed by the General Council to the Brussels CongressKarl Marx
First International
Aug 1868
∅Draft of Capital, Book I. The Process of Production of CapitalKarl MarxJan 1863
 Editorial Comment on the Article “Tailoring in London or the Struggle between Big and Small Capital” by J. G. EccariusKarl MarxOct 1850
 For Bread And PeaceLeninDec 1917
 How Can per Capita Consumption in Russia be Increased?LeninAug 1913
 How the Capitalists Are Trying to Scare the PeopleLeninMay 1917
 How to Organise Competition?LeninJan 1918
 Imperialism and the Split in SocialismLeninOct 1916
 Imperialism, the Highest Stage of CapitalismLeninJan 1916
 Impoverishment in Capitalist SocietyLeninNov 1912
 In Australia (1913)LeninJun 1913
 In Reply To Questions Put By Karl WiegandLeninFeb 1920
 In Retrospect (1854-1855)Karl MarxDec 1854
 Is a Compulsory Official Language Needed?LeninJan 1914
 Letter to August Bebel, February 19, 1892Friedrich EngelsFeb 1892
 Letter to August Bebel, October 12, 1875Friedrich EngelsOct 1875
 Letter to Editor of the Otecestvenniye Zapisky (Notes on the Fatherland)Karl MarxNov 1877
 Letter to Eduard Bernstein, June 17, 1879Friedrich EngelsJun 1879
 Letter to Ferdinand Tönnies, January 24, 1895Friedrich EngelsJan 1895
∅Letter to Filippo Turati, January 26, 1894Friedrich EngelsApr 1894
 Letter to Florence Kelley Wischnewetzky, January 7, 1886Friedrich EngelsJan 1886
 Letter to Friedrich Adolph Sorge, November 29, 1886Friedrich EngelsNov 1886
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