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 Texts with keyword "Food"AuthorDate
 A Note to Vasily Mikhailov with a Draft Decision for the Politbureau of the CC, RCP(b) on Food Supply Work in the UkraineLeninNov 1921
 Addendum to the Decree on the Food DictatorshipLeninMay 1918
 Addendum to the Draft Decision for the Politbureau of the CC, RCP(b) on Directives to the People’s Commissariat for FoodLeninSep 1921
 Addendum to the Draft Decree on the Institution of an All-Russia Inter-Departmental Extraordinary Commission for Guarding the RailwaysLeninJan 1918
 American Food and the Land QuestionFriedrich EngelsJun 1881
 Bread Manufacture (Marx, 1862)Karl MarxOct 1862
 Capitalism and Popular ConsumptionLeninJul 1912
 Cheap Meat for the “People”LeninJun 1913
 Comrade Workers, Forward To The Last, Decisive Fight!LeninAug 1918
 Conversation With J. V. Stalin By Direct LineLeninJul 1918
 Decision of the Council of Labour and Defence on Improving the Supply of the WorkersLeninFeb 1921
 Draft CPC Decision on Grain Consignments to Moscow by Through TrainsLeninDec 1919
 Draft Decision for the CPC on Potato PricesLeninAug 1918
 Draft Decision for the CPC on Potato PurchasesLeninNov 1919
 Draft Decision for the CPC on Private Purveyance of FoodLeninMay 1918
 Draft Decision for the CPC on Unloading Potatoes and Snow Clearing of Moscow’s Streets and Railway TracksLeninJan 1920
 Draft Decision for the Council of People’s Commissars on the Work and Food Rations for Soviet EmployeesLeninOct 1920
 Draft Decision for the Politbureau of the CC, RCP(b) on Assigning Alexander Shliapnikov to Food Supply WorkLeninOct 1921
 Draft Decision of the Politbureau of the CC, RCP(b), November 27, 1920LeninNov 1920
 Draft Decisions for the CPC on the Organisation of Food SupplyLeninJan 1918
 Draft Resolution for the CC, RCP(b) on Sending Groups of Workers Out on Food Transportation JobsLeninMar 1919
 Everybody On Food And Transport Work!LeninJan 1918
 Fourth Conference Of Trade Unions and Factory Committees Of MoscowLeninJun 1918
 Freedom To Trade In Grain The Basic Condition For VictoryLeninAug 1919
 Letter to All People’s Commissars, May 26, 1920LeninMay 1920
 Letter to Central Press Distribution Agency, Publishing Departments of the SEC, People’s Commissariat for Agriculture, People’s Commissariat for Railways, People’s Commissariat for Food, November 8, 1921LeninNov 1921
 Letter to Nikolai Bryukhanov And Others Members Of The Board Of The Food Commissariat, August, after 8, 1918LeninAug 1918
 Letter to Pavel Ivanovich Popov, Late December 1919LeninDec 1919
 Letter to the Agricultural Section of the Moscow Soviet Food Department, August 23, 1919LeninAug 1919
 Letter to the Commissariat for Food and the Food Department of the Supreme Economic Council, January 26, 1918LeninJan 1918
 Letter to the Members of the Board of the People's Commissariat for Food, February 25, 1920LeninFeb 1920
 Letter to the Members of the Board of the food Commissariat, February 27, 1920LeninFeb 1920
 Main Propositions Of The Decree On Food DictatorshipLeninMay 1918
 Measures for Improving the Food SituationLeninJan 1918
 Meeting Of Presidium Of The Petrograd Soviet With Delegates From Food Supply Organisations, January 27, 1918LeninJan 1918
 Note to the Secretary, August 26 or 27, 1919LeninAug 1919
 Notes Concerning the Decree on Work RationsLeninApr 1920
 Notes for a Speech at the Tenth Congress of the RCP(b) on the Substitution of Food Requisitioning By A TaxLeninMar 1921
 Notes on Help to KharkovLeninJan 1919
 On The Famine. A Letter to The Workers Of PetrogradLeninMay 1918
 Order to the CPC Secretariat (July 1919)LeninJul 1919
 Organisation Of Food DetachmentsLeninJun 1918
 Political Movements. Scarcity of Bread in EuropeKarl MarxSep 1853
 Project for the Regulation of the Price of Bread in FranceKarl MarxNov 1858
 Proposals on Measures To Improve the Food Situation in PetrogradLeninJan 1918
 Proposals on the Question of Financing CentrotextilLeninDec 1918
 Proposals to the Text of the Draft Agreement with the A.R.A. on the Organisation of Food Parcels to RussiaLeninOct 1921
 Re Draft Resolution for the CC, RCP(b) on the Food Surplus-Appropriation System in the UkraineLeninFeb 1919
 Re Draft “Regulations on the Organisation of a Workers’ Food Inspection”LeninDec 1918
 Rise in the Price of Corn. Cholera. Strikes. Sailors' Movement.Karl MarxAug 1853
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