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 Texts with keyword "Denmark"AuthorDate
 A Famous Victory (May 1854)Friedrich EngelsMay 1854
 A New Year Greeting (1849)Karl MarxJan 1849
 Advertisement Duty. Russian Movements. Denmark. The United States in Europe.Karl MarxAug 1853
 Affairs in Holland. Denmark. Conversion of the British Debt. India, Turkey and Russia.Karl MarxMay 1853
 An Admission of Incompetence by the Assemblies of Frankfurt and BerlinKarl Marx
Friedrich Engels
Jun 1848
 An Interview by Social-DemokratenLeon TrotskyNov 1932
 Armistice Negotiations with Denmark Broken OffFriedrich EngelsJul 1848
 Army Order, Election. Candidates, Semi-Official Comments on Prussian AmbiguityFriedrich EngelsSep 1848
 Arrest of Delescluze. Denmark. Austria. The Times on the Prospects of War Against Russia.Karl MarxOct 1853
 Decision of the Mass Meeting (Cologne, 1848)Karl Schapper
Friedrich Engels
Joseph Moll
Ernst Dronke
Sep 1848
 Defeat of the German Troops at SundewittFriedrich EngelsJun 1848
 European War Inevitable (1849)Friedrich EngelsMar 1849
 Evacuation of Moldavia and Wallachia. Poland. Demands of The Spanish PeopleKarl MarxAug 1854
 Evacuation of The Danubian Principalities. The Events in Spain. A New Danish Constitution. The ChartistsKarl MarxAug 1854
 Fortification of Constantinople. Denmark's Neutrality. Composition of British Parliament. Crop Failure in EuropeKarl MarxJan 1854
 From the Theatre of War. The German NavyFriedrich EngelsApr 1849
 German Movements (February 1861)Friedrich EngelsFeb 1861
 German and Non-German ChauvinismLeninMay 1916
 Herr Tidmann Old Danish Folk SongFriedrich EngelsJan 1865
 In Defence Of October. Speech delivered in Copenhagen, November 1932Leon TrotskyNov 1932
 In The House of Commons. The Press on the Eastern Question. The Czar's Manifesto. Denmark.Karl MarxAug 1853
 Letter from Germany. The War in Schleswig HolsteinKarl MarxJul 1850
 Letter to Aage Faerge, August 28, 1932Leon TrotskyAug 1932
 Letter to Adolf Cluss, September 15, 1853Karl MarxSep 1853
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, June 2, 1853Karl MarxJun 1853
 Letter to Hermann Brehmer, May 6, 1849Karl MarxMay 1849
 Letter to Karl Marx, June 20, 1860Friedrich EngelsJun 1860
 Letter to Lion Philips, March 29, 1864Karl MarxMar 1864
 Letter to Ludwig Kugelmann, July 13, 1867Karl MarxJul 1867
 On the Position of the International's Sections in European CountriesFriedrich EngelsDec 1871
 Persian Expedition in Afghanistan and Russian Expedition in Central Asia. Denmark. The Fighting on the Danube and in Asia. Wigan Colliers.Karl MarxNov 1853
 Political Situation in Europe (1857)Karl MarxSep 1857
 Press Statement at Marseilles, November 21, 1932Leon TrotskyNov 1932
 Ratification of the ArmisticeFriedrich EngelsSep 1848
 Sweden and Denmark. Travel NotesFriedrich EngelsJul 1867
 Ten “Socialist” Ministers!LeninNov 1916
 The Armistice with DenmarkFriedrich EngelsJul 1848
 The Armistice “Negotiations”Friedrich EngelsJul 1848
 The Danish ArmisticeFriedrich EngelsSep 1848
 The Danish Armistice and HansemannFriedrich EngelsAug 1848
 The Danish-Prussian ArmisticeFriedrich EngelsSep 1848
 The Eleventh Session of the International Socialist BureauLeninNov 1909
 The Faedreland on the ArmisticeFriedrich EngelsSep 1848
 The Faedreland on the Armistice with DenmarkFriedrich EngelsJul 1848
 The Position of the Danish Members of the International on the Agrarian QuestionFirst International
Friedrich Engels
Dec 1871
 The Strength of the Armies in SchleswigFriedrich EngelsFeb 1864
 The War ComedyFriedrich EngelsJun 1848
 Three New ConstitutionsFriedrich EngelsFeb 1848