Letter to Ludwig Kugelmann, July 13, 1867

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Author(s) Karl Marx
Written 13 July 1867

Source: Marx-Engels Collected Works, Volume 42, p. 395;
First published: slightly abridged in Die Neue Zeit, 1901-1902 and in full in Pisma Marksa k Kugelmanu (Letters of Marx to Kugelmann), Moscow-Leningrad, 1928.
Collection(s): Die Neue Zeit

To Ludwig Kugelmann in Hanover

London, 13 July 1867[edit source]

Dear Friend,

Thanks for Hegel and the young madam!

I shall now briefly answer all the points you raised.

Engels is in Denmark at present and will be paying you a visit one day in the course of this month. Ad vocem the same: you recall you told me that Menke (or whatever the man in your statistical office in Hanover is called) made some very appreciative remarks about the work of mine [Critique of Political Economy] that was published by Duncker. For Engels’ ears I have twisted this, to the effect that Menke expressed his great appreciation to me of Engels’ ‘Condition of the Working Class’. The reason for this pia fraus (and I have perpetrated various fraudes with the same object in view): to spur Engels on to write and publish the second volume, concerning the period from 1845 to the present. I have at last succeeded in this to the extent that he has promised to get down to it. So, if by chance conversation should turn to the statistician, do not let the cat out of the bag.

Nothing is fixed for my wife’s journey, nor can it be, it having been overtaken by another event, the proposed departure of my 3 daughters for Bordeaux, to visit Lafargue senior.

I do not advise you to go to Paris. It is impossible to study anything in the midst of that Babylon of things and among that throng of people, unless one stays there for at least 6 weeks, which is very expensive.

My book [Capital] comprises about 50 sheets. You see how I had miscalculated as to its extent. A few days ago I sent the Appendix, entitled The Form of Value, Appendix to Chapter I, I, to Leipzig. You know who was the author of this plan, and I herewith offer him my thanks for his suggestion.

You will excuse me if I terminate these lines here. Another proof-sheet has just come.

With my best compliments to your wife and the young madam.

K. Marx

With my next letter I shall send membership cards for Mrs Kugelmann and Mrs Tenge. One lady, Mrs Law, has been promoted to membership of our Central Council.

Best thanks from Eleanor for the stamps. The photograms will follow.