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 Texts published in KommunistAuthorDate
Letter to Georgi Plekhanov, November 9, 1900Lenin1900
Letter to Georgi Plekhanov, July 13, 1901Lenin1901
Letter to Georgi Plekhanov, December 1, 1902Lenin1902
Letter to Mikhail Pokrovsky, August 18, 1908Lenin1908
The State of Affairs in the Party (1911)Lenin1911
Letter to I. Frimou, November 4, 1911Lenin1911
What is the Cadet Election Platform?Lenin1912
Workers' Unity and The ElectionsLenin1912
Letter to the Editor of Pravda, After October 3, 1912Lenin1912
Letter to the Editor of Pravda, November 2, 1912 (2)Lenin1912
Letter to the Editor of Pravda, After November 2, 1912Lenin1912
The Question of Party Affiliation among Democratic-Minded StudentsLenin1912
After the Elections in America (1912)Lenin1912
Letter to the Editorial Board of Pravda, Before November 26, 1912Lenin1912
More Zeal than SenseLenin1912
The Working Class and its "Parliamentary" Representatives, Article ThreeLenin1912
The Working Class and its "Parliamentary" Representatives, Article FiveLenin1912
In America (1912)Lenin1912
The Development of Workers' Choirs in GermanyLenin1913
Letter to the Executive of the German Social-Democratic Party, March 2, 1913Lenin1913
Letter to the Editors of Put Pravdy, February 9, 1914Lenin1914
Letter to Editors of Put Pravdy, Before March 23, 1914Lenin1914
Letter to the Editors of Put Pravdy on the Questions of the Articles about Ireland, Between April 7 and 23, 1914Lenin1914
Imperialism and Socialism in ItalyLenin1915
Letter to Grigori Zinoviev, July 28, 1915Lenin1915
Letter to Grigori Zinoviev, Prior to July 28, 1915Lenin1915
The Big Lie: The Defence of Small NationsLeon Trotsky1916
Speech at a Meeting in Presnya District (July 1918)Lenin1918
Speech to Adult-Education Course Students Leaving for the FrontLenin1919
Speech at the Fourth Conference of Gubernia Extraordinary CommissionsLenin1920
Interview with Lincoln Eyre, Correspondent of the American Newspaper The WorldLenin1920
Telegram to the Soviet Socialist Government of Azerbaijan, May 5, 1920Lenin1920
To The Poor Peasants Of The UkraineLenin1920
The Eighth All-Russia Congress of Soviets (2)Lenin1920
Greetings To The Fifth All-Ukraine Congress Of SovietsLenin1921
Letter to Anatoly Lunacharsky, May 6, 1921Lenin1921
Letter to Mikhail Pokrovsky, May 6, 1921Lenin1921
"Last Testament" Letters to the CongressLenin1922
To The All-Ukraine Congress Of SovietsLenin1922

 Texts mentioning KommunistAuthorDate
Draft Resolution of the RSDLP Central Committee to Terminate Publication of the Journal KommunistLenin1910
Split or Decay?Lenin1916