Letter to Friedrich Engels, August 16, 1867

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To Engels in Manchester

[London,] 16 August 1867, 2.00 a.m.[edit source]

Dear Fred,

Have just finished correcting the last sheet (49th) of the book [Volume I of Capital]. The appendix — Form of Valuein small print — takes up 1 1/4 sheets.

Preface ditto returned corrected yesterday. So, this volume is finished. I owe it to you alone that it was possible! Without your self-sacrifice for me I could not possibly have managed the immense labour demanded by the 3 volumes. I embrace you, full of thanks!

Enclosed 2 sheets of corrected proofs.

The £15 received with best thanks.

Salut, my dear, valued friend.

K. Marx

I do not need to have the corrected proofs back until the book is completely out.