Russian Revolution

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 Texts with keyword Russian RevolutionAuthorDate of writing
A Class ShiftLenin27 June 1917
A Contradictory StandLenin14 June 1917
A Contribution To The History Of The Question Of The DictatorshipLenin20 October 1920
A Disorderly RevolutionLenin25 June 1917
A Great Beginning Heroism Of The Workers In The RearLenin28 June 1919
A Militant Agreement for the UprisingLenin21 February 1905
A Militant Agreement for the Uprising and the Formation of a Combat CommitteeLeninFebruary 1905
A Most Lucid Exposition of a Most Confused PlanLenin23 August 1905
A New UpswingLenin6 May 1906
A Painful But Necessary LessonLenin25 February 1918
A Partnership of LiesLenin13 April 1917
A Question of PrincipleLenin25 May 1917
A Revolution of the 1789 or the 1848 Type?LeninMarch 1905
A RiddleLenin11 June 1917
A Serious Lesson And A Serious ResponsibilityLenin5 March 1918
A Shameless Lie of the CapitalistsLenin11 April 1917
A Strong Revolutionary GovernmentLenin6 May 1917
A Tactical Platform for the Unity Congress of the RSDLPLenin20 March 1906
A Third Step BackLenin20 June 1905
A “Voluntary Agreement” Between Landowners and Peasants?Lenin14 April 1917
Afterword to the Theses on the question of the immediate conclusion of a separate and annexationist peaceLenin8 January 1918
All Power to the Soviets!Lenin18 July 1917
Alliance Between the Workers and Exploited PeasantsLenin1 December 1917
Already the “New” Government is Lagging Behind Even the Peasant Mass, Leave Alone the Revolutionary WorkersLenin6 May 1917
An Alliance to Stop the RevolutionLenin19 June 1917
An AnswerLenin22 July 1917
An Equilibrium of ForcesLenin17 October 1905
An Unfortunate DocumentLenin3 May 1917
Another CommissionLenin18 June 1917
Are the Zemstvo “Liberals” Already Turning Back?Lenin16 August 1905
Argue About Tactics, But Give Clear Slogans!Lenin13 September 1905
At the Uttermost LimitLenin20 November 1915
Between Two Battles (1905)Lenin12 November 1905
BlancismLenin8 April 1917
Can the Bolsheviks Retain State Power?Lenin1 October 1917
Can “Jacobinism” Frighten the Working Class?Lenin24 June 1917
Capitalist Mockery of the PeopleLenin31 May 1917
Close to the TruthLenin5 July 1917
Combating Economic Chaos By a Spate of CommissionsLenin18 May 1917
Concerning the Decree on Revolutionary TribunalsLenin30 March 1918
Constitutional IllusionsLenin26 July 1917
Counter-Revolution Takes the OffensiveLenin28 May 1917
Crisis Is Approaching, Dislocation Is IncreasingLenin30 June 1917
Days of Bloodshed in MoscowLenin27 September 1905
Decisions of the Politbureau of the CC, RCP(b) on the Order of the Revolutionary Military Council of the Western FrontLenin20 August 1920
Descending Rung by RungLenin19 January 1901
Draft Decision for the CPC on the Question of the War MinistryLenin19 November 1917
Draft Decree On The Dissolution Of The Constituent AssemblyLenin6 January 1918
Draft Resolution On Freedom Of The PressLenin4 November 1917
Draft Resolution on the Present Political SituationLenin3 September 1917
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