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 Texts with keyword "Poland"AuthorDate
 A Correction (April 1865)Karl Marx
First International
Apr 1865
 A Letter to the Polish CommunistsLeninOct 1921
 A Letter to the Polish SocialistsKarl Marx
Paul Lafargue
Friedrich Lessner
Friedrich Engels
Sep 1880
 A New Partition of PolandFriedrich EngelsJun 1848
 A New Policy in PosenFriedrich EngelsJun 1848
 A New Year Greeting (1849)Karl MarxJan 1849
 A Polish Proclamation (1875)Friedrich EngelsMay 1874
 Another Strange Chapter of Modern HistoryKarl MarxSep 1858
 Articles of the Neue Rheinische Zeitung CompanyKarl MarxJul 1848
 Comment on Kautsky’s LetterLeninDec 1913
 Critical Remarks on the National QuestionLeninOct 1913
 Death to the Polish Bourgeoisie!Leon TrotskyApr 1920
 Declaration of the General Council concerning the British Government’s Attitude Towards Tsarist RussiaKarl Marx
First International
Jul 1868
 Draft for a Speech on France's Attitude to Poland (Polemics against Peter Fox)Karl MarxDec 1864
 Entry into the Socialists in PolandLeon TrotskyJan 1936
 Evacuation of Moldavia and Wallachia. Poland. Demands of The Spanish PeopleKarl MarxAug 1854
 Fate of a TraitorFriedrich EngelsMay 1844
 For Poland (1875)Karl Marx
Friedrich Engels
Mar 1875
 For the Soviet Ukraine!Leon TrotskyMay 1920
 From the Deutsche-Brusseler-Zeitung's Report on the Brussels Celebration of the Second Anniversary of the 1846 Cracow InsurrectionKarl Marx
Friedrich Engels
Feb 1848
 From the Minutes of the General Meeting of the Democratic Society in Cologne Held on August 11, 1848Karl Marx
Friedrich Engels
Aug 1848
 Further Particulars of the Silesian RiotsFriedrich EngelsJun 1844
 Greetings to the Polish Left Opposition, August 31, 1932Leon TrotskyAug 1932
 In a State of IntoxicationLeon TrotskyMay 1920
 Instructions for the Delegates of the Provisional General Council The Different QuestionsKarl Marx
First International
Aug 1866
 Letter from the Committee of Organisations Abroad to the Sections of the RSDLPLeninFeb 1916
 Letter to Ferdinand Lassalle, May 18, 1859Friedrich EngelsMay 1859
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, December 2, 1856Karl MarxDec 1856
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, December 2, 1864Karl MarxDec 1864
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, February 1, 1865Karl MarxFeb 1865
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, February 12, 1870Karl MarxFeb 1870
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, February 17, 1863Karl MarxFeb 1863
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, February 2, 1855Karl MarxFeb 1855
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, February 25, 1865Karl MarxFeb 1865
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, January 25, 1865Karl MarxJan 1865
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, June 24, 1865Karl MarxJun 1865
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, June 27, 1867Karl MarxJun 1867
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, June 7, 1864Karl MarxJun 1864
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, March 24, 1870Karl MarxMar 1870
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, September 23, 1851Karl MarxSep 1851
 Letter to Hermann Jung, April 13, 1865Karl MarxApr 1865
 Letter to Hermann Jung, November 20, 1865Karl MarxNov 1865
 Letter to Karl Kautsky, February 7, 1882Friedrich EngelsJul 1882
 Letter to Karl Marx, April 12, 1865Friedrich EngelsApr 1865
 Letter to Karl Marx, April 3, 1851Friedrich EngelsApr 1851
 Letter to Karl Marx, April 8, 1863Friedrich EngelsApr 1863
 Letter to Karl Marx, February 17, 1863Friedrich EngelsFeb 1863
 Letter to Karl Marx, February 19, 1863Friedrich EngelsFeb 1863
 Letter to Karl Marx, June 11, 1863Friedrich EngelsJun 1863
 Letter to Lion Philips, November 29, 1864Karl MarxNov 1864
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