Letter to Hermann Jung, April 13, 1865

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To Hermann Jung in London

London, 13 April 1865 1 Modena Villas, Maitland Park, Haverstock Hill, N. W.[edit source]

Dear Jung!

  • In No. 30 of Der weisse Adler, 223 MĂźnstergasse, ZĂźrich there is a report of our Polish Meeting of 1 March. This report must have been translated from the Daily News or some other English middle-class paper which, intentionally, suppressed the Resolution, proposed in the name of the ‘International Association’, and unanimously adopted by the St Martin’s Hall Meeting.

As you are the Swiss Secretary, it belongs to you to rectify the report, and to request the Editor of the paper to print the notice which I translate literally from the Report in The Bee-Hive.

Yours fraternally

K. Marx

It goes without saying, dear Jung, that you can change the concluding words at your discretion. Since you are plus ou moins a Frenchman, I simply wanted to draft the scheme for you in German.