From the Deutsche-Brusseler-Zeitung's Report on the Brussels Celebration of the Second Anniversary of the 1846 Cracow Insurrection

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See this volume, pp. 545-52.—Ed.

The Cracow revolution was celebrated by a numerous gathering on the evening of the 22nd in the hall of the Old Court at Brussels, rue des soeurs noires, which was festively illuminated and decorated with Polish and Belgian flags. Several speakers, including Lelewel, Karl Marx, F. Engels, Wallau and Lubliner, the lawyer, took the floor and spoke passionately for the purely democratic character of the Cracow insurrection. We shall report this celebration in detail in our next issue[1] and only remark here that after the public meeting a dinner was held in which about 100 persons took part and at which several toasts were raised by Belgian and German democrats. Nor was the dinner lacking in song.

  1. This report was never published in the Deutsche-Brüsseler-Zeitung; the seventeenth and last issue of the paper appeared on February 27, 1848.—Ed.