Neue Oder-Zeitung

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Date of beginning 1849
Date of end 1855

This German democratic daily newspaper was founded in March 1849 as a result of the split in the editorial board of the Catholic oppositional Allgemeine Oder-Zeitung which had been published since 1846. In the 1850s the Neue Oder-Zeitung was considered the most radical German newspaper and was persecuted by the government. It was published in Breslau (Wroclaw) from 1849 to 1855. The first article Marx wrote for this paper was In Retrospect.
 Texts published in Neue Oder-ZeitungAuthorDate
In Retrospect (1854-1855)Karl MarxDec 1854
The Four Points (1855)Karl MarxJan 1855
The Crisis in Trade and Industry (1855)Karl MarxJan 1855
The Press and The Military System (1855)Karl MarxJan 1855
British Disaster in The CrimeaFriedrich EngelsJan 1855
Critical Observations on the Siege of SevastopolFriedrich EngelsJan 1855
The Aims of The Negotiations. Polemic Against Prussia. A Snowball RiotKarl MarxJan 1855
The Opening of Parliament (January 1855)Karl MarxJan 1855
Comments on the Cabinet Crisis (January 1855)Karl MarxJan 1855
Parliamentary News (January 1855)Karl MarxJan 1855
From Parliament. From The Theatre of War (January 29, 1855)Karl MarxJan 1855
On The Ministerial Crisis (February 1855)Karl MarxFeb 1855
The Defeated Government (February 1855)Karl MarxFeb 1855
The Parties and Cliques (February 1855)Karl MarxFeb 1855
Two Crises (February 1855)Karl MarxFeb 1855
Palmerston. The ArmyKarl Marx
Friedrich Engels
Feb 1855
From Parliament. Gladstone at the Dispatch BoxKarl MarxFeb 1855
Herbert's Re-election. The First Measures of the New Ministry. News from IndiaKarl MarxFeb 1855
Parliament (February 17, 1855)Karl MarxFeb 1855
The Coalition between Tories and Radicals (1855)Karl MarxFeb 1855
Parliamentary and Military Affairs (1855)Karl Marx
Friedrich Engels
Feb 1855
On the New Ministerial Crisis (1855)Karl MarxFeb 1855
Joseph HumeKarl MarxFeb 1855
Palmerston (February 27, 1855)Karl MarxFeb 1855
The English Press on the Late TsarKarl MarxMar 1855
The British Constitution (1855)Karl MarxMar 1855
LayardKarl MarxMar 1855
The Buying of Commissions. News from AustraliaKarl MarxMar 1855
On the History of The French AllianceKarl MarxMar 1855
The Committee of Inquiry (March 10, 1855)Karl MarxMar 1855
The Brussels MemoireKarl MarxMar 1855
Ireland's Revenge (1855)Karl MarxMar 1855
Criticism of the French Conduct of The WarKarl Marx
Friedrich Engels
Mar 1855
Agitation against Prussia. A day of FastingKarl MarxMar 1855
Reports from the English Press (March 20, 1855)Karl MarxMar 1855
A Meeting (March 20, 1855)Karl MarxMar 1855
From Parliament (March 21, 1855)Karl MarxMar 1855
Some Observations on the History of The French AllianceKarl MarxMar 1855
Napoleon and Barbès. The Newspaper StampKarl MarxMar 1855
The Committee of Inquiry (March 31, 1855)Karl MarxMar 1855
The Situation in the Crimea (March 30, 1855)Friedrich EngelsMar 1855
A Scandal in the French Legislature. Drouyn de Lhuys' Influence. The State of the MilitiaKarl MarxApr 1855
Germany and Pan-SlavismFriedrich EngelsApr 1855
On the History of Political Agitation (Marx)Karl MarxMay 1855
From Sevastopol (May 8, 1855)Friedrich EngelsMay 1855
Pianori. Dissatisfaction with AustriaKarl MarxMay 1855
The New Move in the Crimea (1855)Friedrich EngelsMay 1855
The Morning Post versus Prussia. The Character of the Whigs and ToriesKarl MarxMay 1855
A Sitting of the House of Lords (1855)Karl MarxMay 1855
The Agitation Outside Parliament (1855)Karl MarxMay 1855
Questions of Finance (1855)Karl MarxMay 1855
On the Reform Movement (1855)Karl MarxMay 1855
A Critique of the Crimean Affair. From ParliamentKarl MarxMay 1855
Prologue at Lord Palmerston's. Course of the Latest Events in the CrimeaKarl Marx
Friedrich Engels
May 1855
Disraeli's Motion (May 1855)Karl MarxMay 1855
From Parliament (May 29, 1855)Karl MarxMay 1855
Napier's Letters. Roebuck's CommitteeKarl MarxJun 1855
A Critique of Palmerston's Latest SpeechKarl MarxJun 1855
The Association for Administrative Reform. People's CharterKarl MarxJun 1855
Parliamentary (June 6, 1855)Karl MarxJun 1855
A Critique of the Events in the Crimea (June 1855)Friedrich EngelsJun 1855
The Great Parliamentary Debate (June 1855)Karl MarxJun 1855
Sevastopol (June 12, 1855)Friedrich EngelsJun 1855
The Debate on Layard's Motion. The War In The CrimeaKarl Marx
Friedrich Engels
Jun 1855
Prince Albert's Toast. The Stamp Duty on NewspapersKarl MarxJun 1855
The Local War. Debate on Administrative Reform. Report of the Roebuck Committee, etcKarl Marx
Friedrich Engels
Jun 1855
Announcement concerning the taking of Sevastopol. From the Paris Bourse. On the Massacre at Hangö in the House of LordsKarl MarxJun 1855
The Mishap of June 18. ReinforcementsKarl MarxJun 1855
Anti-Church Movement. Demonstration in Hyde ParkKarl MarxJun 1855
Miscellaneous Reports (June 1855)Karl MarxJun 1855
Miscellaneous Reports (June 30, 1855)Karl MarxJun 1855
Agitation over The Tightening-up of Sunday ObservanceKarl MarxJul 1855
Clashes between the Police and the People. The Events in the CrimeaKarl Marx
Friedrich Engels
Jul 1855
From Parliament. Roebuck's and Bulwer's MotionsKarl MarxJul 1855
From the Houses of Parliament. Bulwer's Motion. The Irish QuestionKarl MarxJul 1855
Russell's Resignation. The Events in the CrimeaKarl Marx
Friedrich Engels
Jul 1855
Russell's DismissalKarl MarxJul 1855
From Parliament (July 18, 1855)Karl MarxJul 1855
From Parliament. From the Theatre of War (July 20, 1855)Karl Marx
Friedrich Engels
Jul 1855
Palmerston. The Physiology of the Ruling Class of Great BritainKarl MarxJul 1855
General Simpson's Resignation. From ParliamentKarl MarxAug 1855
Commentary on the Parliamentary Proceedings (August 1855)Karl MarxAug 1855
The Military Forces against Russia (August 1855)Karl MarxAug 1855
Lord John RussellKarl MarxAug 1855
The Poland Meeting (August 1855)Karl MarxAug 1855
On the Critique of Austrian Policy in the Crimean CampaignKarl MarxAug 1855
Events at the Theatres of War (August 1855)Karl MarxAug 1855
Napier's LetterKarl MarxAug 1855
The Punishment of the Ranks (1855)Karl Marx
Friedrich Engels
Aug 1855
O'Connor's FuneralKarl MarxSep 1855
Events in the Crimea (September 1855)Karl Marx
Friedrich Engels
Sep 1855
The Commercial and Financial Situation (1855)Karl MarxSep 1855
The Reports of Generals Simpson, Pélissier and NielKarl Marx
Friedrich Engels
Sep 1855
A Diplomatic Impropriety (1855)Karl MarxOct 1855
The Official Financial Report (October 1855)Karl MarxOct 1855
The Bank of France. Reinforcements to the Crimea. The New Field MarshalsKarl MarxOct 1855
The Committee at Newcastle-upon-TyneKarl MarxOct 1855
Big Meeting in Support of Political Refugees (November 1855)Karl MarxNov 1855