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"Magyar Rodomontade" of the Kolnische ZeitungFriedrich Engels20 April 1849
A Curious Piece of HistoryKarl Marx18 May 1858
A Denunciation (Neue Rheinische Zeitung, February 1849)Karl Marx
Friedrich Engels
22 February 1849
A Few Words on Results and FactsLenin23 April 1913
A New French Revolutionary ManifestoKarl Marx24 September 1858
A reply to Kossuth's "secretary"Karl Marx4 January 1853
Account of an Interview of Karl Marx with John Swinton, Correspondent of The SunKarl Marx6 September 1880
Affairs in France (January 1860)Karl Marx17 January 1860
Among Newspapers and Periodicals (May 9)Lenin9 May 1906
Among the Newspapers and Magazines (June 24, 1906)Lenin24 June 1906
Among the Newspapers and Magazines (June 27, 1906)Lenin27 June 1906
Among the Newspapers and Magazines (June 28, 1906)Lenin28 June 1908
Among the Newspapers and Magazines (June 29, 1906)Lenin29 June 1906
Announcement (Neue Rheinische Zeitung, Politisch-Ökonomische Revue, December 1849)Friedrich Engels15 December 1849
Announcement (Neue Rheinische Zeitung, Politisch-ökonomische Revue, January 1850)Karl Marx
Friedrich Engels
February 1850
Announcement by the Editors of the Rheinische Zeitung of their Reply to Oberpräsident Von SchaperKarl Marx2 January 1843
Announcement of the Rheinische ZeitungKarl Marx18 March 1843
Another Strange Chapter of Modern HistoryKarl Marx7 September 1858
Articles for “Rabochaya Gazeta”Lenin1899
As a privilege of particular individuals or a privilege of the human mind?Karl Marx12 May 1842
Cabinet Order on the Daily PressKarl MarxNovember 1842
Capitalism and the PressLenin20 March 1914
Censorship (Rheinische Zeitung, No. 135)Karl Marx15 May 1842
Closure Of The Menshevik Newspaper Undermining The Country’s DefenceLenin22 February 1919
Cologne Citizens' Petition for the Continuance of the Rheinische ZeitungUnknownFebruary 1843
Comments on the Latest Prussian Censorship InstructionKarl Marx10 February 1842
Communication Concerning Orders for the Neue Rheinische Zeitung for the First Quarter of 1849Karl Marx14 January 1849
Concerning the Editorial in the Newspaper Luch No. 189Lenin10 May 1913
Decision of the Mass Meeting (Cologne, 1848)Karl Schapper
Friedrich Engels
Joseph Moll
Ernst Dronke
23 September 1848
Declaration (Marx, November 1859)Karl Marx21 November 1859
Declaration of the Editorial Board of IskraLeninSeptember 1900
Draft Agreement (1900)LeninSeptember 1900
Draft Resolution On Freedom Of The PressLenin4 November 1917
Draft of a Declaration of the Editorial Board of Iskra and ZaryaLenin1900
Draft programme of the Deutsche-Französische JahrbücherKarl MarxAugust 1843
Editorial Note (Neue Rheinische Zeitung Revue)Karl MarxApril 1850
Editorial Statement Concerning the Reappearance of the Neue Rheinische ZeitungKarl Marx11 October 1848
English Public Opinion (January 1862)Karl Marx11 January 1862
Freedom in GeneralKarl Marx19 May 1842
French News Humbug. Economic Consequences of WarKarl Marx31 December 1861
From Parliament (July 18, 1855)Karl Marx18 July 1855
From Parliament. From The Theatre of War (January 29, 1855)Karl Marx29 January 1855
From Parliament. Roebuck's and Bulwer's MotionsKarl Marx11 July 1855
From the History of the Workers’ Press in RussiaLenin22 April 1914
From the Minutes of the Committee Meeting of the Cologne Workers' Association on October 16, 1848. Entry of Marx's Speech in Connection with His Assumption of the PresidencyKarl Marx22 October 1848
How Mr. Gladstone’s Bank Letter of 1866 Procured a Loan of Six Millions for RussiaKarl Marx9 November 1868
Humble Petition from the Shareholders of the Rheinische Zeitung Company for the Continuance of the Rheinische ZeitungUnknown12 February 1843
Imprisonment of Lady Bulwer-LyttonKarl Marx23 July 1858
In The House of Commons. The Press on the Eastern Question. The Czar's Manifesto. Denmark.Karl Marx2 August 1853
Instructions of the Council of Labour and Defence To Local Soviet BodiesLenin21 May 1921
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