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 Texts with keyword "Colonialism"AuthorDate
Afghanistan (Engels)Friedrich EngelsJul 1857
Anglo-Persian War (1856-1857)Karl MarxOct 1856
Bolivar y PonteKarl MarxJan 1858
Capital, Volume IKarl MarxJan 1867
Chinese Affairs (July 1862)Karl MarxJul 1862
Details of the Attack on LucknowFriedrich EngelsMay 1858
Draft Theses on National and Colonial Questions For The Second Congress Of The Communist InternationalLeninJun 1920
I.L.P. Abyssinian PolicyC.L.R. JamesOct 1935
Imperialism and the Split in SocialismLeninOct 1916
Imperialism, the Highest Stage of CapitalismLeninJan 1916
Letter to Friedrich Engels, March 14, 1868Karl MarxMar 1868
Letter to Karl Kautsky, September 12, 1882Friedrich EngelsSep 1882
Lord Canning’s Proclamation and Land Tenure in IndiaKarl MarxJun 1858
Notebook “γ”LeninJan 1916
Open Letter to the Workers of IndiaLeon TrotskyJul 1939
Progress of the Moorish WarFriedrich EngelsDec 1859
Report on the Communist InternationalLeon TrotskyDec 1922
Resolution on the French Question, Fourth Congress of the Communist InternationalLeon TrotskyDec 1922
Speeches to the Second Congress of the Communist InternationalLeninJul 1920
Taxation in India (1858)Karl MarxJul 1858
The Annexation of OudeKarl MarxMay 1858
The Approaching Indian LoanKarl MarxFeb 1858
The Awakening of AsiaLeninMay 1913
The British Army in India (1858)Friedrich EngelsJun 1858
The British Rule in IndiaKarl MarxJun 1853
The Capture of Delhi (1857)Friedrich EngelsDec 1857
The East India Company-Its History and ResultsKarl MarxJun 1853
The Fall of LucknowFriedrich EngelsApr 1858
The Future Results of British Rule in IndiaKarl MarxJul 1853
The Indian Army (1858)Friedrich EngelsJul 1858
The Relief of LucknowFriedrich EngelsFeb 1858
The Revolt in India (1857) (5)Karl MarxOct 1857
The Revolt in India (1857) (6)Karl MarxNov 1857
The Revolution in India. Its Tasks and its DangersLeon TrotskyMay 1930
The Siege and Storming of LucknowFriedrich EngelsJan 1858
Third Congress Of The Communist International (1)LeninJun 1921
To the Indian Revolutionary Association, May 1920LeninMay 1920
Transport of Troops to India (August 13, 1858)Friedrich EngelsAug 1858
Unity and struggleAmilcar CabralJan 1969
Windham’s DefeatFriedrich EngelsFeb 1858