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 Texts published in VperyodAuthorDate
The Reaction is Taking to ArmsLenin1900
The Autocracy and the ProletariatLenin1904
Good Demonstrations of Proletarians and Poor Arguments of Certain IntellectualsLenin1904
Time to Call a Halt!Lenin1904
Conferences of the CommitteesLenin1904
Letter to a Correspondent of Vperyod, January 1905Lenin1905
Revolution in Russia (Lenin, 1905)Lenin1905
Our TartuffesLenin1905
Working-Class and Bourgeois DemocracyLenin1905
From Narodism to MarxismLenin1905
The St. Petersburg StrikeLenin1905
The Fall of Port ArthurLenin1905
Fine Words Butter No ParsnipsLenin1905
The Beginning of the Revolution in RussiaLenin1905
Trepov in the SaddleLenin1905
St. Petersburg After January 9Lenin1905
Revolutionary DaysLenin1905
Two Tactics (1905)Lenin1905
The Convening of the Third Party CongressLenin1905
From the New-Iskra CampLenin1905
A Militant Agreement for the UprisingLenin1905
New Tasks and New ForcesLenin1905
Osvobozhdeniye-ists and New-Iskrists, Monarchists and GirondistsLenin1905
Should We Organise the Revolution?Lenin1905
What the Bonapartists Are Up ToLenin1905
Preface to the Pamphlet Memorandum of Police Department Superintendent LopukhinLenin1905
Whom Are They Trying to Fool?Lenin1905
The Proletariat and the Bourgeois DemocratsLenin1905
The Second StepLenin1905
The First Step (1905)Lenin1905
European Capital and the AutocracyLenin1905
The Proletariat and the Peasantry (March 1905)Lenin1905
On the History of the Party ProgrammeLenin1905
On our agrarian programme (A letter to the Third Congress)Lenin1905
Graft: A Franco-Russian CustomLenin1905
The Revolutionary-Democratic Dictatorship of the Proletariat and the PeasantryLenin1905
The Agrarian Programme of the LiberalsLenin1905
Marx on the American “General Redistribution”Lenin1905
The Council is Caught OutLenin1905
The Constitutional Market-PlaceLenin1905
Open Letter to Comrade Plekhanov, Chairman of the Council of the RSDLPLenin1905
The Guilty Blaming the InnocentLenin1905
The First of May (1905)Lenin1905
Political SophismsLenin1905
The Latest News (1905)Lenin1905
Street Fighting (The Advice of a General of the Commune)Lenin1905
Report on the Unity Congress of the RSDLPLenin1906
How Comrade Plekhanov Argues About Social-Democratic TacticsLenin1906
The Present Political Situation (1906)Lenin1906
The Tactics of the Proletariat and the Tasks of the MomentLenin1906
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 Texts mentioning VperyodAuthorDate
A Letter to the Comrades (With Reference to the Forthcoming Publication of the Organ of the Party Majority)Lenin1904
From the History of the Workers’ Press in RussiaLenin1914
Letter to a Correspondent of Vperyod, January 1905Lenin1905
Note by the Vperyod Editorial Board to a Resolution by a Group of Workers of the St. Petersburg MetalworksLenin1905
Note by the Vperyod Editorial Board to the Letter of Their St. Petersburg CorrespondentLenin1904
Report of the CC of the RSDLP to the Brussels Conference and Instructions to the CC DelegationLenin1914
Statement of Fact Concerning the Commission of the Newspaper Vperyod at a Meeting of the St. Petersburg RSDLP(b) CommitteeLenin1917
The Political Significance of VituperationLenin1914
The Question of Mr. Bogdanov and the Vperyod GroupLenin1913
The Vperyod FactionLenin1910
The Vperyod GroupLenin1909
The Vperyodists and the Vperyod GroupLenin1914