Conferences of the Committees

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Author(s) Lenin
Written 22 December 1904

Vperyod, No. 1, January 4. 1905 (December 22, 1904). Published according to the text in Vperyod.
Source: Lenin Collected Works, Foreign Languages Publishing House, 1962, Moscow, Volume 8, page 40.
Collection(s): Vperyod
Keywords : Bolshevism, Party, RSDLP

Bolshevik (Majority) organisational centre—the Bureau of Committees of the Majority—was elected at the conferences of the local Majority committees. The southern conference was held in September 1904. The Majority conference of the Caucasian committees was held in Tiflis in November 1904; it was attended by 15 delegates representing the Baku, Batum, Imeret.ian-Mingrelian and Tiflis committees. The northern conference was held in December 1904.

Three conferences of local committees of our Party have recently been held: (1) the conference of the four Caucasian committees, (2) the conference of the three southern committees (Odessa, Ekaterinoslav, and Nikolayev), and (3) the conference of the six northern committees (St. Petersburg, Moscow, Tver, Riga, the North, and Nizhni-Novgorod). We hope shortly to be able to give detailed information about these conferences.[1] For the time being we can report that all three conferences emphatically went on record for the immediate convocation of the Third Congress of the Party and in support of the publicists’ group of the “Majority”.

  1. The resolutions of the northern conference were published by Lenin in 1905 in Vperyod, No. 2, for January 14 (1), in the Party News column.
    The resolutions of the southern conference were first published in 1930 in Lenin Miscellany XV, pp. 217-19. The resolutions of the Caucasian conference were published in the same volume, pp. 249-53.