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 Texts with keyword "Telegram"AuthorDate
 Draft Telegram on Organising a Three-Week Firewood Drive, and Assignment to Secretary, September 27, 1921LeninSep 1921
 Draft Telegram to Georgy Chicherin, May 5 or 6, 1922LeninMay 1922
 Draft Telegram to Soviet Trade Delegation in London, Between June 20 and July 2, 1921LeninJun 1921
 Inquiry About the Progress of the Sowing Campaign, October 4, 1921LeninOct 1921
 Markings on P. V. Bukhartsev's Telegram Concerning the Agreement with the American Corporation, and an Instruction to the Secretary, June 19, 1920LeninJun 1920
 Markings on a Telegram from Inza and a Note to Nikolai Bryukhanov, Varlam Avanesov and Vyacheslav Molotov, July 24, 1921LeninJul 1921
 Note to Joseph Stalin with a Draft Telegram to Georgy Chicherin, April 21, 1922LeninApr 1922
 Note to Joseph Stalin, Lev Kamenev and Leon Trotsky with a Draft Telegram to Genoa, April 19, 1922LeninApr 1922
 Note to Members of the Politbureau of the RCP(b) Central Committee with a Draft Telegram to Sergo Ordzhonikidze, March 29, 1921LeninMar 1921
 Note to Nikolai Bryukhanov and Telegram to Kh. G. Pestun, September 3, 1921LeninSep 1921
 Note to Nikolai Gorbunov and Telegram to Leonid Krasin, November 7, 1921LeninNov 1921
 Note to the Politbureau of the RCP(b) CC with a Draft Telegram to Georgy Chicherin, May 2, 1922LeninMay 1922
 Radio-Telegram to the Tashkent Executive Committee, August 30, 1919LeninAug 1919
 Telegram to A. P. Kudryavtsev, January 13, 1919LeninJan 1919
 Telegram to A. P. Rozengolts, August 1, 1919LeninJan 1919
 Telegram to Adolph Joffe, May 29, 1919LeninMay 1919
 Telegram to Adolph Joffe, October 7, 1918LeninOct 1918
 Telegram to Adolph Joffe, September 23, 1920LeninSep 1920
 Telegram to Aleksandr Petrovich Smirnov, August 26, 1918LeninAug 1918
 Telegram to Aleksei Badayev and an Instruction to Dmitry Kursky, June 29, 1920LeninJun 1920
 Telegram to Aleksei Yuriev, June 26, 1918LeninJun 1918
 Telegram to Alexander Beloborodov, August 10, 1920LeninAug 1920
 Telegram to Alexander Metelev, August 9, 1918LeninAug 1918
 Telegram to Alexander Minkin, August 12, 1918LeninAug 1918
 Telegram to Alexander Minkin, August 14, 1918LeninAug 1918
 Telegram to Alexander Minkin, August 19, 1918LeninAug 1918
 Telegram to Alexander Naglovsky, October 19, 1919LeninOct 1919
 Telegram to Alexander Paikes, August 22, 1918LeninAug 1918
 Telegram to Alexander Schlichter, August 23, 1918LeninAug 1918
 Telegram to Alexander Serebrovsky, May 19, 1921LeninMay 1921
 Telegram to Alexander Shliapnikov, February 12, 1919LeninDec 1919
 Telegram to Alexander Shumsky, March 24, 1920LeninMar 1920
 Telegram to All Economic Conference, November 12, 1921LeninNov 1921
 Telegram to All Gubernia Executive Committees, Gubernia Party Committees, Gubernia Trade Union Councils, Gubernia Labour Committees, October 10, 1921LeninOct 1921
 Telegram to All Regional and Gubernia Economic Conferences, September 12, 1921LeninSep 1921
 Telegram to All Soviets Of Deputies, To EveryoneLeninNov 1918
 Telegram to Anatoly Lunacharsky, May 15, 1919LeninMay 1919
 Telegram to Anatoly Lunacharsky, September 18, 1918LeninSep 1918
 Telegram to Andrei Bubnov, June 5, 1919LeninJun 1919
 Telegram to Andrei Kolegayev, March 10, 1919LeninMar 1919
 Telegram to Andrei Kolegayev, May 21, 1919LeninMay 1919
 Telegram to Andrey Potyaev and Note to Secretary, October 9, 1921LeninOct 1921
 Telegram to Arthur Henderson, February 6, 1918LeninFeb 1918
 Telegram to B. I. Goldberg, March 20, 1920LeninMar 1920
 Telegram to B. I. Goldberg, November 1, 1919LeninNov 1919
 Telegram to B. I. Goldberg, October 19, 1919LeninOct 1919
 Telegram to B. S. Weissbrot, November 25, 1919LeninNov 1919
 Telegram to Benyamin Kayurov, August 30, 1921LeninAug 1921
 Telegram to Benyamin Kayurov, March 27, 1919LeninMar 1919
 Telegram to Béla Kun, May 13, 1919LeninMay 1919
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