Letter to Johann Philipp Becker, April 17, 1867

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To Johann Philipp Becker in Geneva

Hanover, 17 April 1867[edit source]

Dear Friend,

I left London by steamer last Wednesday and after a tempestuous crossing reached Hamburg on Friday afternoon to deliver the manuscript of the first volume to Mr Meissner there. Printing has already started at the beginning of this week, so that the first volume will appear at the end of May. The whole work will appear in 3 volumes. The title is Capital. A Critique of Political Economy. The first volume comprises the First Book: ‘The Process of Production of Capital’. It is without question the most terrible missile that has yet been hurled at the heads of the bourgeoisie (landowners included). It is important now that you draw attention to the forthcoming publication in the press, i.e., in the papers to which you have access.

If you send the next issue of the Vorbote as a sample to Otto Meissner, Hamburg, he may be of assistance in the distribution of your paper, too.

I must finish now (more later) as Dr Kugelmann, who sends his best compliments, intends to acquaint me with the splendours of Hanover.

Tout à toi
K. Marx