Das Kapital

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 Texts with keyword "Das Kapital"AuthorDate
 Agreement between Karl Marx and Otto Meissner, Publisher and BooksellerKarl MarxMar 1865
 Capital, Volume IKarl MarxJan 1867
 Capital, Volume IIKarl MarxJan 1861
 Capital, Volume IIIKarl MarxJan 1894
 Das KapitalKarl MarxJan 1861
Draft of Capital, Book I. The Process of Production of CapitalKarl MarxJan 1863
 Engels’ Edition of the Third Volume of Capital and Marx’s Original ManuscriptMichael HeinrichJan 1996
 How Not to Translate Marx (1885)Friedrich EngelsNov 1885
 Letter to Berta Markheim, July 6, 1863Jenny von WestphalenJul 1863
 Letter to Conrad Schmidt, March 12, 1895Friedrich EngelsMar 1895
 Letter to Eduard Bernstein, January 25, 1882Friedrich EngelsJan 1882
 Letter to Friedrich Adolph Sorge, April 29, 1886Friedrich EngelsApr 1886
 Letter to Friedrich Adolph Sorge, December 15, 1881Karl MarxDec 1881
 Letter to Friedrich Adolph Sorge, December 7, 1889Friedrich EngelsDec 1889
 Letter to Friedrich Adolph Sorge, June 29, 1883Friedrich EngelsJun 1883
 Letter to Friedrich Adolph Sorge, June 29, 1888Friedrich EngelsJun 1888
 Letter to Friedrich Adolph Sorge, October 19, 1877Karl MarxOct 1877
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, April 2, 1858Karl MarxApr 1858
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, August 16, 1867Karl MarxAug 1867
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, August 2, 1862Karl MarxAug 1862
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, December 17, 1866Karl MarxDec 1866
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, December 24, 1862Karl MarxDec 1862
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, May 7, 1867Karl MarxJul 1867
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, November 10, 1866Karl MarxNov 1866
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, November 20, 1865Karl MarxNov 1865
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, beginning of November 1863Jenny von WestphalenNov 1863
 Letter to Johann Philipp Becker (excerpt) (2)Jenny von WestphalenOct 1867
 Letter to Johann Philipp Becker, April 17, 1867Karl MarxApr 1867
 Letter to Karl Kautsky, June 26, 1894Friedrich EngelsJun 1894
 Letter to Karl Kautsky, May 23, 1884Friedrich EngelsMay 1884
 Letter to Karl Kautsky, September 12, 1882Friedrich EngelsSep 1882
 Letter to Karl Kautsky, September 20, 1884Friedrich EngelsSep 1884
 Letter to Karl Marx, August 23, 1867Friedrich EngelsAug 1867
 Letter to Karl Marx, June 24, 1867Friedrich EngelsJun 1867
 Letter to Karl Marx, November 29, 1873Friedrich EngelsNov 1873
 Letter to Karl Marx, October 1, 1873Charles DarwinOct 1873
 Letter to Laura Lafargue, December 13, 1883Friedrich EngelsDec 1883
 Letter to Laura Lafargue, May 23, 1886Friedrich EngelsMay 1886
 Letter to Ludwig Büchner, May 1, 1867Karl MarxMay 1867
 Letter to Ludwig Kugelmann, April 17, 1868Karl MarxApr 1868
Letter to Ludwig Kugelmann, April 3, 1871Jenny von WestphalenApr 1871
 Letter to Ludwig Kugelmann, December 12, 1868Karl MarxDec 1868
Letter to Ludwig Kugelmann, December 23, 1872Jenny Marx LonguetDec 1872
 Letter to Ludwig Kugelmann, December 28, 1862Karl MarxDec 1862
 Letter to Ludwig Kugelmann, February 11, 1869Karl MarxFeb 1869
 Letter to Ludwig Kugelmann, February 26, 1866Jenny von WestphalenFeb 1866
Letter to Ludwig Kugelmann, January 10, 1889Friedrich EngelsJan 1889
 Letter to Ludwig Kugelmann, January 15, 1866Karl MarxJan 1866
 Letter to Ludwig Kugelmann, January 30, 1868Karl MarxJan 1868
 Letter to Ludwig Kugelmann, July 11, 1868Karl MarxJul 1868
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