Yakov Sverdlov

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 Yakov Sverdlov textsDate
 Position of the CC of the RSDLP(b) on the Question of the Separate and Annexationist PeaceFeb 1918
 To the Spartacus League of Germany and the Communist Party of German AustriaJan 1919

 Texts mentioning Yakov SverdlovAuthor¡sDate
 Letter to Yakov Sverdlov, February 9, 1913LeninFeb 1913
 Letter to Yakov Sverdlov, November 4 or 5, 1917LeninNov 1917
 Letter to Yakov Sverdlov, Not earlier than November 21, 1917LeninNov 1917
 Draft Decision for the CPC on the Activities of the Committee of Inquiry Under the Petrograd SovietLeninJan 1918
 Report at the Meeting Of The All-Russia CEC, February 24, 1918LeninFeb 1918
 Letter to Yakov Sverdlov and Semyon Sereda, April 8, 1918LeninApr 1918
 Letter to Yelets WorkersLeninAug 1918
 Letter to Yakov Sverdlov and Leon Trotsky, October 1, 1918LeninOct 1918
 Letter to Yakov Sverdlov, December 16, 1918LeninDec 1918
 Speeches on Gramophone RecordsLeninMar 1919
 Ya.M. SverdlovLeon TrotskyMar 1919
 Speech Delivered At The Funeral Of Yakov SverdlovLeninMar 1919
 Speech In Memory Of Y. M. Sverdlov At A Special Session Of The All-Russia Central Executive CommitteeLeninMar 1919
 The State: A Lecture Delivered at the Sverdlov UniversityLeninJul 1919
 Speech at a Meeting In Memory of Y. M. SverdlovLeninMar 1920
 Letter to Yakov Sverdlov, October 1, 1920LeninOct 1920
 Jacob SverdlovLeon TrotskyMar 1925