Draft Decision for the CPC on the Activities of the Committee of Inquiry Under the Petrograd Soviet

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Meeting of 21.I.1918

Having heard the report of the commission investigating the Committee of Inquiry, the CPC resolves:

That two extra members be added to the commission, one of them Comrade Algasov, the other a Bolshevik recommended by Sverdlov.

That the commission be given the right to make searches, seizures and arrests without preliminary arrangements with any other institutions.

That the commission be given technical facilities and the right to draw on funds provided by the Commissariat for Justice.

That the commission be asked to work faster and more energetically in order to single out more quickly those whose innocence, in view of the slanderous nature of the accusations against them, is now obvious.[1]

  1. ↑ This document bears Lenin’s note: “Adopted unanimously”. The decision of the CPC in a slightly different wording was published in Izvestia No. 17 on January 23 (February 5), 1918.