Draft Decisions for the Council of Defence on the State of Transport

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Meeting of 2/II.1920[1]

(1) 50 -> 100% express goods trains.

(2) Kazan Railway.

(3) Samara-Zlatoust Chelyabinsk


{speed up food trains.

(4) Step up loading of food in Chelyabinsk district,

(5) Send top-level men out to the repair shops (of Petrograd and Moscow).

(6) Bonuses in the form of clothing outfits.

(7) Repair trains at the Western Front.

+ (8) Sending Arzhanov out.

+ (9) Military aides for railway superintendents.

–(10) 1 railway to be given to the army.

(11) Vecheka workers to be transferred to transport jobs.

(12) Repair works to be placed on same footing as transport works.

(13) Chuso[2] stocks handed over to the Food Commissariat are to be given to the transport workmen.

(14) Railway specialists from the C.P.W.[3] and other departments of SEC and other bodies to be transferred to transport jobs.

} mobilisation

(15) Military forces to fight snowdrifts to be increased (40,000).

(16) ad 5 + members of the All-Russia CEC.

(17) Step up repair subbotniks.

(18) Martial law 30-50 versts.

(19) More personnel in volosts near the railway lines.

(20) Specially step up fuel work.

(21) Ask Orgbureau of CC to issue a Party circular and step up work in this direction.

(22) Revise rail freightage plan for increased food and fuel freights.

(23) Close some factories and switch them over for repairs.

(24) Prepare spades and mittens.

(25) Snowploughs and their distribution.

(26) Briefing of track maintenance agents.

  1. This draft was incorporated in toto in the decisions of the Council of Defence dated February 2, 1920, which, over Lenin’s signa-ture, were circulated to all government departments with Lenin’s postscript (see pages 165-66 of this volume). The C.D. decisions were published in Lenin Miscellany XXIV, pp. 64-67,—Editor
  2. Chuso (Chusosnabarm)-Extraordinary Representative of the Council of Defence for Army Supply.—Ed.
  3. C.P.W.-Committee of Public Works.—Ed.