Directives to the "Algemba" Commission, May 28, 1921

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On May 11, 1921, the Council of Labour and Defence approved Lenin’s draft assignments to the commission to check up on railway construction in the Emba area.


Check up with the utmost precision:

how much work exactly has been done (what part has been finished);

how much material, rails, etc., foodstuffs, etc., has actually been transported to the spot; where they are; the conditions in which all these materials and the delivered •things are stored; the conditions and the concrete possibilities of returning all these materials, rails and all the rest, without losses, without stealing, or with minimum losses; the proportion of the possible and probable losses;

it is the most important task to carry out this on-thespot assessment circumstantially and to verify it precisely.

With this problem solved, with the exact data in hand, a conclusion should be drawn up on the substance of the matter: is the “Algemba” construction to be stopped (if yes, how? by what date? etc.) or not to be stopped? and so on, and so forth.

V. Ulyanov (Lenin)

Chairman, CLD