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 Texts with keyword "Profit"AuthorDate
 Capital, Volume IKarl MarxJan 1867
 Capital, Volume IIKarl MarxJan 1861
 Capital, Volume IIIKarl MarxJan 1894
 Draft Theses on the Role and Functions of The Trade Unions Under the New Economic PolicyLeninDec 1921
 How the Capitalists Conceal Their ProfitsLeninJul 1917
 Letter to Adolf Cluss, October 5, 1853Karl MarxOct 1853
 Letter to Conrad Schmidt, March 12, 1895Friedrich EngelsMar 1895
 Letter to Conrad Schmidt, September 12, 1892Friedrich EngelsSep 1892
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, April 22, 1868Karl MarxApr 1868
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, April 30, 1868Karl MarxApr 1868
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, August 2, 1862Karl MarxAug 1862
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, August 24, 1867Karl MarxAug 1867
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, December 25, 1857Karl MarxDec 1857
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, June 23, 1868Karl MarxJun 1868
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, May 7, 1868Karl MarxMay 1868
 Letter to Karl Kautsky, June 26, 1894Friedrich EngelsJun 1894
 Letter to Karl Marx, April 26, 1868Friedrich EngelsApr 1868
 Letter to Karl Marx, April 3, 1851Friedrich EngelsApr 1851
 Letter to Karl Marx, August 27, 1867Friedrich EngelsAug 1867
 Letter to Karl Marx, November 9, 1869Friedrich EngelsNov 1869
 Letter to Ludwig Kugelmann, March 17, 1868Karl MarxMar 1868
 Letter to Nikolai Danielson, October 15, 1888Friedrich EngelsOct 1888
 Letter to Victor Schily, November 30, 1867Karl MarxNov 1867
 Letter to Werner Sombart, March 11, 1895Friedrich EngelsMar 1895
 Notes for the Report on Value, Price and ProfitKarl MarxJun 1865
 Notes on RicardoKarl MarxJan 1845
 Value, Price and ProfitKarl MarxJun 1865
 Wage Labour and CapitalKarl MarxDec 1847
 Workers’ Earnings and Capitalist Profits in RussiaLeninAug 1912