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A Letter to the Prussian Ambassador in London, Baron BunsenKarl Marx30 May 1850
Could the French Sack London?Friedrich EngelsJuly 1860
David UrquhartKarl Marx20 November 1853
From London’s Theatre WorldJenny von Westphalen1875
From the London TheatreJenny von Westphalen22 May 1877
Letter to Adolf Cluss, March 10, 1853Jenny von Westphalen10 March 1853
Letter to Adolf Cluss, October 5, 1852Karl Marx5 October 1852
Letter to Edward Spencer Beesly, September 16, 1870Karl Marx16 September 1870
Letter to Ferdinand Lassalle, May 31, 1858Karl Marx31 May 1858
Letter to Ferdinand Lassalle, November 8, 1855Karl Marx8 November 1855
Letter to Ferdinand Lassalle, October 2, 1860Karl Marx2 October 1860
Letter to François Lafargue, July 10, 1869Karl Marx10 July 1869
Letter to Friedrich Engels, April 2, 1867Karl Marx2 April 1867
Letter to Friedrich Engels, February 13, 1855Karl Marx13 February 1855
Letter to Friedrich Engels, July 27, 1854Karl Marx27 July 1854
Letter to Friedrich Engels, March 19, 1870Karl Marx19 March 1870
Letter to Friedrich Engels, September 2, 1854Karl Marx2 September 1854
Letter to Friedrich Engels, September 6, 1855Karl Marx6 September 1855
Letter to George Julian Harney, October 5, 1849Friedrich Engels5 October 1849
Letter to Karl Marx, January 25, 1870Friedrich Engels25 January 1870
Letter to Karl Marx, January 8, 1851Friedrich Engels8 January 1851
Letter to Karl Marx, May 7, 1852Friedrich Engels7 May 1852
Letter to Ludwig Kugelmann, July 27, 1871Karl Marx27 July 1871
Letter to Ludwig Kugelmann, July 30, 1869Karl Marx30 July 1869
Letter to the Editor of The Daily Chronicle, November 1891Friedrich Engels26 November 1891
May 4 in London (1890)Friedrich Engels23 May 1890
Resolutions of the Conference of Delegates of the International Working Men's Association (September 1871)Karl Marx
First International
September 1871
Shakespeare’s Richard III in London’s Lyceum TheatreJenny von Westphalen1 February 1877
Shakespearian Studies in EnglandJenny von WestphalenDecember 1876
Statement Sent to the Editorial Board of the Kolnische Zeitung, March 1852Karl Marx6 March 1852
Statement and Accompanying Letter to the Editorial Board of the Augsburg Allgemeine ZeitungKarl Marx9 October 1851
Statement, Neue Rheinische Zeitung Revue, January 1851Karl Marx27 January 1851
The London SeasonJenny von WestphalenMarch 1876