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 Texts mentioning Julius MartovAuthor¡sDate
 Letter to Julius Martov, February 5, 1903LeninFeb 1903
 Martov’s Contradictions and ZigzagsLeninAug 1903
 Letter to Julius Martov, October 6, 1903LeninOct 1903
 Letter to Julius Martov, November 29, 1903LeninNov 1903
 Note on the Position of the New IskraLeninDec 1903
 Letter to Julius Martov, December 19, 1903LeninDec 1903
 One Step Forward, Two Steps BackLeninFeb 1904
 Letter to Julius Martov, Secretary of the Party Council, August 10, 1904LeninAug 1904
 Letter to Julius Martov, Secretary of the Party Council, September 2, 1904LeninSep 1904
 Letter to Julius Martov, Secretary of the Party Council, September 7, 1904LeninSep 1904
 A Brief Outline of the Split in the RSDLPLeninJan 1905
 The First Step (1905)LeninMar 1905
 A New Menshevik ConferenceLeninSep 1905
 The St. Petersburg City Conference of the RSDLP (1)LeninFeb 1906
 Martov's and Cherevanin's Pronouncements in the Bourgeois PressLeninOct 1906
 Philistinism in Revolutionary CirclesLeninOct 1906
 Postscript to the Article: “The Social-Democrats and the Election Campaign”LeninNov 1906
 On Convening an Extraordinary Party CongressLeninNov 1906
 Party Discipline and the Fight Against the Pro-Cadet Social-DemocratsLeninNov 1906
 Reply to L. MartovLeninFeb 1907
 Letter to The Secretary Of The Editorial Board Of The Central Organ, November 4, 1909LeninNov 1909
 The Historical Meaning of the Inner-Party Struggle in RussiaLeninSep 1910
 The State of Affairs in the PartyLeninDec 1910
 The Social Structure of State Power, the Prospects and LiquidationismLeninMar 1911
 Wreckers of the Party in the Role of “Wreckers of Legends”LeninMar 1911
 From the Camp of the Stolypin “Labour” Party (October 18, 1911)LeninOct 1911
 Fundamental Problems of the Election CampaignLeninDec 1911
 The Slogans and Organisation of Social-Democratic Work Inside and Outside the DumaLeninDec 1911
 An Organ of a Liberal Labour PolicyLeninFeb 1912
 A Poor Defence of a Liberal Labour PolicyLeninApr 1912
 â€œUniters”LeninJun 1912
 On the Eve of the Elections to the Fourth DumaLeninJul 1912
 Rosa Luxemburg and the Polish “Partei” Vorstand in Martov’s WakeLeninSep 1912
 Better Late Than NeverLeninJan 1913
 Controversial Issues - An Open Party and the MarxistsLeninApr 1913
 Apropos of One UntruthLeninJun 1913
 Dead Liquidationism and the Living RechLeninJul 1913
 How the Liquidators Are Cheating the WorkersLeninDec 1913
 Letter to the Editor of Proletarskaya Pravda, December 29, 1913LeninDec 1913
 Book Review: N. A. Rubakin, Among Books, Vol. II. Nauka Publishers, Moscow, 1913LeninApr 1914
 Liquidationism DefinedLeninApr 1914
 Disruption of Unity Under Cover of Outcries for UnityLeninMay 1914
 Report of the CC of the RSDLP to the Brussels Conference and Instructions to the CC DelegationLeninJun 1914
 Dead Chauvinism and Living SocialismLeninDec 1914
 What Next? On the Tasks Confronting the Workers’ Parties with Regard to Opportunism and Social-ChauvinismLeninJan 1915
 Kautsky, Axelrod and Martov—True InternationalistsLeninSep 1915
 The Discussion On Self-Determination Summed UpLeninJul 1916
 Efforts to Whitewash OpportunismLeninDec 1916
 To the Soldiers and SailorsLeninApr 1917
 Against the Riot-MongersLeninApr 1917
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