Letter to Julius Martov, Secretary of the Party Council, August 10, 1904

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Reply to Comrade Martov[edit source]


I received your undated letter while travelling, and without having the Council minutes at hand. At all events I consider it in principle absolutely impermissible and unlawful that outside a Council meeting members of the Council should give their votes or make arrangements on any matters that come within the competence of the Council. I cannot therefore comply with your request about voting for candidates. If I am not mistaken, the Council decided that all Council members should represent our Party at the congress.[1] Consequently, the question has been settled. If any Council member is unable to go, then, in my opinion, he can appoint someone else in his place; I do not know, of course, whether it is customary for international congresses to permit such substitution, but I do not know of any obstacle to it in our Party Rules or in the Party’s usual regulations. Personally I am also unable to go and would like as a substitute for myself Comrade Lyadov, who has plenipotentiary powers from the CC, and Comrade Sergei Petrovich, member of the Moscow Committee.

With Social-Democratic greetings.

N. Lenin, Council member

P.S. Re the communication to the CC, I shall write to the Geneva agents, who are in charge of all matters during my absence.

  1. This refers to the Party Council’s decision of May 31 (June 13), 1904, concerning representation at the forthcoming Amsterdam Congress of the Second International.