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 Texts with keyword "Finance"AuthorDate
 Announcement concerning the taking of Sevastopol. From the Paris Bourse. On the Massacre at Hangö in the House of LordsKarl MarxJun 1855
 Articles of the Neue Rheinische Zeitung CompanyKarl MarxJul 1848
 Austrian Bankruptcy (1854)Karl MarxMar 1854
 Bonaparte's Financial Maneuvers. Military DespotismKarl MarxMay 1858
 British Commerce and FinanceKarl MarxSep 1858
 British Finances (May 1854)Karl MarxMay 1854
 British Finances. The Troubles At PrestonKarl MarxMar 1854
 Circular Letter to August Bebel, Wilhelm Liebknecht, Wilhelm Bracke and OthersKarl Marx
Friedrich Engels
Sep 1879
 Circular Letter to August Bebel, Wilhelm Liebknecht, Wilhelm Bracke and Others (2)Karl Marx
Friedrich Engels
Sep 1879
 Corn Prices. European Finances and War Preparations. The Oriental QuestionKarl MarxAug 1860
 Count Orlov's Mission. Russian Finances During the War.Karl MarxFeb 1854
 Credit Mobilier (May 1857)Karl MarxMay 1857
 Draft Decision for the CPC on Control of SEC ExpenditureLeninMar 1918
 Draft Decisions for the CPC on the Financial Plan and Plan of Emission for 1922LeninNov 1921
Finance Capital (1910)Rudolf HilferdingJan 1910
 Financial Failure of Government. Cabs. Ireland. The Russian QuestionKarl MarxJul 1853
 Financing the Revolutionary MovementLeon TrotskyJul 1938
 Imperialism, the Highest Stage of CapitalismLeninJan 1916
 L. S. D., or Class Budgets, and Who's Relieved by ThemKarl MarxApr 1853
 Letter to Adolf Cluss, December 14, 1852Karl MarxDec 1852
 Letter to Friedrich Adolph Sorge, September 27, 1877Karl MarxSep 1877
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, April 2, 1858Karl MarxApr 1858
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, April 22, 1854Karl MarxApr 1854
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, August 17, 1849Karl MarxAug 1849
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, August 19, 1865Karl MarxAug 1865
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, January 19, 1867Karl MarxJan 1867
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, May 27, 1862Karl MarxMay 1862
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, November 13, 1857Karl MarxNov 1857
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, October 31, 1857Karl MarxOct 1857
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, September 13, 1854Karl MarxSep 1854
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, September 2, 1852Karl MarxSep 1852
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, September 23, 1857Karl MarxSep 1857
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, first half of November 1848Karl MarxNov 1848
 Letter to Joseph Weydemeyer, December 19, 1849Karl MarxDec 1849
 Letter to Karl Marx, April 21, 1854Friedrich EngelsApr 1854
 Letter to Karl Marx, August 8, 1862Friedrich EngelsAug 1862
 Letter to Karl Marx, February 11, 1853Friedrich EngelsFeb 1853
 Letter to Karl Marx, January 13, 1863Friedrich EngelsJan 1863
 Letter to Karl Marx, January 29, 1851Friedrich EngelsJan 1851
 Letter to Karl Marx, March 18, 1848Friedrich EngelsMar 1848
 Letter to Karl Marx, November 17, 1856Friedrich EngelsNov 1856
 Letter to Karl Marx, September 30, 1847Friedrich EngelsSep 1847
 Letter to Ludwig Kugelmann, October 13, 1866Karl MarxOct 1866
 Letter to Nikolai Danielson, September 12, 1880Karl MarxSep 1880
 Letter to the Financial Committee, November 4, 1922LeninNov 1922
 Letter to the People’s Commissariat for Foreign Trade, The People’s Commissariat for Finance, The SEC and The People’s Commissariat for Education, December 5, 1921LeninDec 1921
 Letter to the Politbureau of the RCP(b) CC with Remarks on the theses of the People's Commissar for Finance, March 3, 1922LeninMar 1922
 Marginal Notes on Adolph Wagner's Lehrbuch der politischer Oekonomie, Second Edition, Volume I, 1879Karl MarxJan 1881
 Mr. Disraeli's Budget (April 1858)Karl MarxApr 1858
 Notebook “β”LeninJan 1915
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