International Press Correspondence

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 Texts published in International Press CorrespondenceAuthorDate
The Trade Unions And The Soviet StateLeon TrotskyJan 1922
The Economic Boom and the International Labor MovementLeon TrotskyJan 1922
The Georgian Gironde as a Political TypeLeon TrotskyMar 1922
Bourgeois Public Opinion, Social Democracy and CommunismLeon TrotskyMar 1922
On the United Front (1922, Inprecor)Leon TrotskyMar 1922
On the United Front (1922)Leon TrotskyMar 1922
Resolution of the ECCI on the French Communist Party (March 1922)Leon TrotskyMar 1922
Letter of the Central Committee of the Russian Communist Party, to the Session of the Enlarged Executive Committee of the Communist InternationalLeon Trotsky
Grigori Zinoviev
Apr 1922
The Communists and the Peasantry in FranceLeon TrotskyApr 1922
Who Are the Traitors?Leon TrotskyMay 1922
On World PoliticsLeon TrotskySep 1922
A Glimpse of Soviet DemocracyLeon TrotskyOct 1922
Report on Five Years of the Russian Revolution and Perspectives for the World RevolutionLeon TrotskyNov 1922
Five Years of the Russian RevolutionLeon TrotskyNov 1922
The Economic Situation of Soviet Russia from the Standpoint of the Socialist Revolution (Theses)Leon TrotskyDec 1922
Communism and FreemasonryLeon TrotskyDec 1922
The Economic Situation of Soviet RussiaLeon TrotskyJan 1923
Letter to Claude McKay, March 13, 1923Leon TrotskyMar 1923
The Transformation of MoralsLeon TrotskyOct 1923
The Lessons of October (1924)Leon TrotskyJan 1924
Letter on Eastman’s BookLeon TrotskyJul 1925
An Answer to the Stalinist CriticsLeon TrotskyNov 1926