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 Texts with keyword "Youth"AuthorDate
 Anti-Militarist Propaganda and Young Socialist Workers’ LeaguesLeninOct 1907
 Blind Obedience, Revolutionary Discipline, and the YouthLeon TrotskyApr 1933
 For an Independent Youth MovementLeon TrotskyNov 1938
 Lecture on the 1905 RevolutionLeninJan 1917
 Letter to Albert Glotzer, February 15, 1934Leon TrotskyFeb 1934
 Letter to Albert Glotzer, November 21, 1933Leon TrotskyNov 1933
 Letter to Yvan Craipeau, July 12, 1934Leon TrotskyJul 1934
 Letter to a Party Member in the League, October 31, 1927Leon TrotskyOct 1927
 Letter to all sections and all Bolshevik-Leninist youth organizations, October 6, 1933Leon TrotskyOct 1933
 Letter to the IS of the ICL, October 21, 1935Leon TrotskyOct 1935
 Letter to the International Secretariat and all youth sections, June 21, 1935Leon TrotskyJun 1935
 Letter to the International Secretariat, March 19, 1934Leon TrotskyMar 1934
 Letter to the International Secretariat, March 23, 1935Leon TrotskyMar 1935
 Letter to the Spanish Youth, June 13, 1932Leon TrotskyJun 1932
 Militarism and anti-militarismKarl LiebknechtJan 1907
 On the Theses "Unity and the Youth"Leon TrotskyAug 1934
 Report on “The Balance Sheet” of the Third Congress of the Communist InternationalLeon TrotskyJul 1921
 Speech At The First All-Russia Congress Of Communist StudentsLeninApr 1919
 Speech at the 5th All-Russia Congress of the Russian Young Communist LeagueLeon TrotskyOct 1922
 Summary Speech at the Second Congress of the Communist Youth InternationalLeon TrotskyJan 1921
 The Family and CeremonyLeon TrotskyJul 1923
 The Military Programme of the Proletarian RevolutionLeninSep 1916
 The Position of the Republic and the Tasks of Young WorkersLeon TrotskyJan 1922
 The Prosecution of MinorsLeninMar 1920
 The Tasks of the Revolutionary YouthLeninSep 1903
 The Tasks of the Youth LeaguesLeninOct 1920
 The Youth Abroad and the Russian RevolutionLeninOct 1905
 The Youth InternationalLeninDec 1916
 To The Fifth Congress Of The Young Communist League Of RussiaLeninOct 1922
 To Young Communists and Socialists Who Wish to ThinkLeon TrotskyJul 1935
 To the Third Congress of the Young Communist International MoscowLeninDec 1922
 Toward a Revolutionary Youth OrganizationLeon TrotskyNov 1938
 We Should Join the Belgian Young SocialistsLeon TrotskyNov 1934