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 Texts with keyword "Taxes"AuthorDate
 Appeal, Neue Rheinische Zeitung, November 18, 1848Karl Marx
Friedrich Engels
Nov 1848
 Beer Riots in BavariaFriedrich EngelsMay 1844
 British Finances. The Troubles At PrestonKarl MarxMar 1854
 Capitalism and TaxationLeninJul 1913
 Draft Decision for the CPC on Direct TaxesLeninNov 1920
 Draft Decision for the Politbureau of the CC, RCP(b) on Presentation to the CC of Summarised Information Concerning the Tax In KindLeninMay 1922
 Feargus O'Connor. Ministerial Defeats. The Budget.Karl MarxApr 1853
 Instructions for the Delegates of the Provisional General Council The Different QuestionsKarl Marx
First International
Aug 1866
 Le socialisme et l'impôt, par Emile de GirardinKarl MarxApr 1850
 Letter to August Bebel, November 14, 1879Friedrich EngelsNov 1879
 Letter to Eduard Bernstein, August 9, 1882Friedrich EngelsAug 1882
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, February 20, 1866Karl MarxFeb 1866
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, January 19, 1867Karl MarxJan 1867
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, June 12, 1863Karl MarxJun 1863
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, May 3, 1854Karl MarxMay 1854
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, November 7, 1868Karl MarxNov 1868
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, October 3, 1866Karl MarxOct 1866
 Letter to Hermann Jung, November 20, 1865Karl MarxNov 1865
 Letter to Karl Marx, April 15, 1870Friedrich EngelsApr 1870
 Letter to Karl Marx, January 27, 1865Friedrich EngelsJan 1865
 Manteuffel and the Central AuthorityKarl Marx
Friedrich Engels
Nov 1848
 Motion at the Politbureau of the CC, RCP(b) Concerning the Draft Decision for the All-Russia Central Executive Committee on the Abolition of Monetary TaxesLeninMar 1921
 New Times and Old Mistakes in a New GuiseLeninAug 1921
 No Tax Payments!Karl MarxNov 1848
 Notes for a Speech at the Tenth Congress of the RCP(b) on the Substitution of Food Requisitioning By A TaxLeninMar 1921
 On the Proclamation of the Brandenburg-Manteuffel Ministry about Tax RefusalKarl MarxNov 1848
 Opening of the Labour Parliament. English War BudgetKarl MarxMar 1854
 Parliament. Vote of November 26th. Disraeli's BudgetKarl MarxDec 1852
 Plan Of The Pamphlet The Tax In KindLeninApr 1921
 Political Prospects. Commercial Prosperity. Case of StarvationKarl MarxJan 1853
 Project for the Regulation of the Price of Bread in FranceKarl MarxNov 1858
 Rates of Pay for High-Ranking OfficialsLeninJan 1918
 Re the Decree on the Imposition of a Tax In Kind on FarmersLeninSep 1918
 Report To The All-Russia Congress Of Representatives Of Financial Departments Of SovietsLeninMay 1918
 Report of Marx's Lecture on Wage Labour and Capital at the Meeting of the First Workers' Association of Vienna on September 2, 1848Karl MarxSep 1848
 Report on the Tax in KindLeninApr 1920
 Riot at Constantinople. German Table Moving. The BudgetKarl MarxApr 1853
 Soap for the People, A Sop for The Times. The Coalition BudgetKarl MarxApr 1853
 Speech Delivered At The Third All-Russia Food ConferenceLeninJun 1921
 Speech On The Financial Question At The Session Of The All-Russia CECLeninApr 1918
 Statement in the Neue Rheinische Zeitung, November 17, 1848Karl MarxNov 1848
 Tax Refusal and the CountrysideKarl MarxNov 1848
 Taxation in India (1858)Karl MarxJul 1858
 Tenth All-Russia Conference of the RCP(b) (1)LeninMay 1921
 The Bill on the Compulsory Loan and its MotivationKarl Marx
Friedrich Engels
Jul 1848
 The Defeated Government (February 1855)Karl MarxFeb 1855
 The Emancipation Question (Marx, 1858)Karl MarxDec 1858
 The Kölnische Zeitung on the Compulsory LoanKarl Marx
Friedrich Engels
Aug 1848
 The New English Budget (February 1857)Karl MarxFeb 1857
 The New Financial Juggle; Or Gladstone And The PenniesKarl MarxApr 1853
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