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Capitalism and “Parliament”LeninJun 1912
Communist International Impotence Veils Itself with Parliamentary CretinismLeon TrotskyJun 1933
Conference of the Extended Editorial Board of Proletary (2)LeninJun 1909
From A Publicist's Diary The Mistakes Of Our PartyLeninSep 1917
Kommunismus, journal of the Communist International for the Countries of South-Eastern Europe (in German), ViennaLeninJun 1920
Letter to Sylvia Pankhurst, August 28, 1919LeninAug 1919
Plan for an Article “The Principal Task of Socialist Policy”LeninSep 1905
Playing at ParliamentarianismLeninSep 1905
Problems of the British RevolutionLeon TrotskyJan 1926
Should We Boycott the State Duma?LeninJan 1906
Speeches to the Second Congress of the Communist InternationalLeninJul 1920
Tasks of the Left Zimmerwaldists in the Swiss Social-Democratic PartyLeninOct 1916
The Faction of Supporters of Otzovism and God-BuildingLeninSep 1909
The Second Conference of the RSDLP (First All-Russia Conference)LeninNov 1906
The State Duma and Social-Democratic TacticsLeninJan 1906
The State and RevolutionLeninAug 1917
The Tasks of the Third InternationalLeninJul 1919
The Third Duma and Social-DemocracyLeninNov 1907
The Way Out (1934)Leon TrotskyAug 1934
The Workers' Group in the State DumaLeninMay 1906
The Working Class and its "Parliamentary" Representatives, Article FiveLeninDec 1912
The Working Class and its “Parliamentary” RepresentativesLeninDec 1912
Theses for a Report at the October 8 Conference of the Petrograd Organisation, Also for a Resolution and Instructions to Those Elected to the Party CongressLeninSep 1917
To Comrade Serrati and to All Italian CommunistsLeninOct 1919
Who Is for Alliances With the Cadets?LeninJun 1906
“Left-Wing” Communism: an Infantile DisorderLeninApr 1920