Nikolay Chkheidze

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Date of birth 21 March 1864
Date of death 13 June 1926

 Texts mentioning Nikolay ChkheidzeAuthor·sDate
Letter to Mikhail Olminsky, June 16, 1913LeninJun 1913
A Weak Defence of a Weak CaseLeninOct 1913
Plekhanov, Who Knows Not What He WantsLeninMay 1914
Clarity First and Foremost!LeninJul 1914
The Kind of “Unity” Larin Proclaimed at the Swedish CongressLeninFeb 1915
Letter from the Committee of Organisations Abroad to the Sections of the RSDLPLeninFeb 1916
Have the Organising Committee and the Chkheidze Group a Policy of Their Own?LeninFeb 1916
The Discussion On Self-Determination Summed UpLeninJul 1916
Efforts to Whitewash OpportunismLeninDec 1916
The Chkheidze Faction and Its RoleLeninDec 1916
Draft Theses, March 17, 1917LeninMar 1917
Letters From AfarLeninMar 1917
The Tasks of the Russian Social-Democratic Labour Party in the Russian RevolutionLeninMar 1917
The Tasks of the Proletariat in the Present Revolution (April Theses)LeninApr 1917
Letters on TacticsLeninApr 1917
The Dual PowerLeninApr 1917
The Petrograd City Conference of the RSDLP(b) (1)LeninApr 1917
Against the Riot-MongersLeninApr 1917
Notes for an Article or Speech in Defence of the April ThesesLeninApr 1917
Bankruptcy?LeninApr 1917
Foolish GloatingLeninApr 1917
An Unfortunate DocumentLeninMay 1917
Statements About the War Made By Our Party Before the RevolutionLeninMay 1917
Where Is State Power and Where Is Counter-Revolution?LeninJul 1917
Foul Slander by Ultra-Reactionary Newspapers and AlexinskyLeninJul 1917
The Tasks of the Proletariat in Our Revolution (Draft Platform for the Proletarian Party)LeninSep 1917
Letter to Mikhail Olminsky, December 6, 1921Leon TrotskyDec 1921