Letter to Julius Campe, October 7, 1844

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Author(s) Karl Marx
Written 7 October 1844

Source: Marx-Engels Collected Works, Volume 38, p. 7;
First published: in part in Das Goldene Tor, 1947
Collection(s): Das Goldene Tor

To Julius Campe in Hamburg Paris

7 October 1844, rue Vanneau 38[edit source]

Messrs Hoffmann and Campe, Booksellers, in Hamburg Julius Campe, Esq.

Dear Sir, Engels and I have written a pamphlet of some ten sheets against Bruno Bauer and his supporters [The Holy Family].

It deals with themes from philosophy, history and idealism, contains a critique of the Mystères de Paris [novel by Eugène Sue] etc., and will not be without interest for Germany. Nor, by and large, will it be objectionable to the censors.

Should you wish to undertake its publication, I would request you to reply forthwith, since the pamphlet cannot but lose in interest if printing is delayed.[1] If Heine is still in Hamburg, would you be so kind as to convey to him my best thanks for the poems he sent. I have not yet had any real opportunity of doing anything about the first part, the ballads, as I wish to advertise the first part yet at the same time.[2]

Yours faithfully
Dr Marx

  1. The Holy Family by Marx and Engels was published not in Hamburg by Hoffmann and Campe, but in Frankfurt am Main by Z. Löwenthal, founder o i f the Literarische Anstalt publishing house (owned by Joseph Rütten since the autumn of 1844).
  2. Heinrich Heine wrote to Marx from Hamburg on 21 September 1844 (see the new Marx-Engels Gesamtausgabe — referred to in future as MEGA2 — Abt. III, Bd. 1, S. 443-44) telling him that a new collection of his poems, Neue Gedichte, had been published there. It contained romances, ballads and other poems including the satirical poem Deutschland. Ein Wintermärchen, which was also published separately by Hoffmann and Campe. Heine sent Marx a copy of this poem for simultaneous publication in Vorwärts! and announcement of his new collection of verse in this and other newspapers (he promised to bring the ballads and other poems to Paris himself).
    On 19 October 1844 Vorwärts!, No. 84, carried Heine’s preface to the separate edition of his poem. It was dated 17 October 1844 and entitled ‘H. Heines neue Gedichte’. It was preceded by an editorial introduction which accorded high praise to the poet’s new work and in fact expressed Marx’s point of view. The poem was published in full in Vorwärts! in late October-November 1844.