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Apropos CareyKarl MarxSep 1853
Decision of the Collegium Abroad, Central Committee, Russian Social-Democratic Labour PartyLenin
Grigori Zinoviev
Mar 1917
Departure of Editor Karl Marx from CologneKarl MarxMay 1849
Forced Emigration. Kossuth and Mazzini. The Refugee Question. Election Bribery in England. Mr. CobdenKarl MarxMar 1853
Frederick Engels' Petition for Permission to Reside in BerneFriedrich EngelsNov 1848
How We ArrivedLeninApr 1917
In British CaptivityLeon TrotskyJan 1917
Letter by von Kühlwetter, Minister of the Interior, to Karl MarxKarl MarxJun 1913
Letter to Leopold I, King of BelgiumKarl MarxFeb 1845
Letter to the Emigré Committee of the IKD, September 2, 1935Leon TrotskySep 1935
Letter to the Russian Colony in North America (November 1922)LeninNov 1922
Manchester Schiller Institute Circular (1)Friedrich EngelsMar 1866
Manchester Schiller Institute Circular (2)Friedrich EngelsJun 1867
Marx to Chief Burgomaster Gortz in TrierKarl MarxOct 1845
Marx's Undertaking Not to Publish Anything in Belgium on Current PoliticsKarl MarxMar 1845
On the Return of the EmigrantsLeninApr 1917
Outline of a Report on the Irish Question to the Communist Educational Association of German Workers in LondonKarl MarxDec 1867
Preface to My Round TripLeon TrotskyApr 1907
Statement to the Editors of Die Reform, the Volks-Zeitung and the Allgemeine ZeitungKarl MarxNov 1859
The Program of the Blanquist Fugitives from the Paris CommuneFriedrich EngelsJun 1874
The Situation in North America (November 1862)Karl MarxNov 1862