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 Texts with keyword "Committee"AuthorDate
 A Militant Agreement for the Uprising and the Formation of a Combat CommitteeLeninFeb 1905
 Addendum to the Draft Decision for the CPC Concerning the Activities of the Committee of Inquiry Under the Petrograd SovietLeninFeb 1918
 Application to the Committee of the Soviet Journalists' Trade Union, October, not later than 22, 1918LeninOct 1918
 Draft Resolution for a Conference of Representatives of District Committees and Army Units of Petrograd Together with Representatives of the CC and the PCLeninJun 1917
 Letter to The Bureau Of The Central Executive Committee, July 7, 1917LeninAug 1917
 Letter to The Presiding Committee Of The Frontline Congress, Not later than May 12, 1917LeninApr 1917
 Letter to the Chief Coal Committee, January 14, 1920LeninJan 1920
 Letter to the Chief Oil Committee of the Supreme Economic Council, January 15, 1920LeninJan 1920
 Letter to the Chief Peat Committee, November 11, 1919LeninNov 1919
 Letter to the Petrograd Committee of the RSDLP(b), December 8, 1917LeninDec 1917
 Letter to the Podolsk Uyezd Executive Committee, January 2, 1920LeninJan 1920
 Letter to the Saratov Soviet Bodies (Gubernia Food Committee, Gubernia Executive Committee, City Executive Committee, Etc.), April 5, 1919LeninApr 1919
 Letter to the Vesyegonsk Uyezd Executive Committee and the Tver Gubernia Executive Committee, January 3, 1919LeninJan 1919
 Radio-Telegram to the Tashkent Executive Committee, August 30, 1919LeninAug 1919
 Speech at an Anniversary Plenary Meeting of the Sokolniki District Soviet Held Jointly with Representatives of the Factory Committees and Industrial Managements of MoscowLeninNov 1920
 Telegram to Gubernia Executive Committees for their Electrical Departments, August 18, 1921LeninAug 1921
 Telegram to the Chairman of the Orel Executive Committee, October 22, 1919LeninOct 1919
 Telegram to the Committee for Elections to the Constituent Assembly, December 13, 1917LeninDec 1917
 Telegram to the Kazan Gubernia Executive Committee, April 9, 1919LeninApr 1919
 Telegram to the Novgorod Gubernia Executive Committee, May 20, 1919LeninMay 1919
 Telegram to the Orel Gubernia Executive Committee, April 12, 1919LeninApr 1919
 Telegram to the Revolutionary Military Council of the Caspian-Caucasian Front, the Astrakhan Gubernia Executive Committee and Gubernia Committee of the RCP(b), January 7 or 8, 1919LeninJan 1919
 Telegram to the Rodniki Executive Committee, December 26, 1918LeninDec 1918
 Telegram to the Rodniki Executive Committee, December 28, 1918LeninDec 1918
 Telegram to the Samara Gubernia Executive Committee, April 6, 1920LeninApr 1920
 Telegram to the Samara Gubernia Executive Committee, January 27, 1919LeninJan 1919
 Telegram to the Samara and Saratov Gubernia Party Committees and Gubernia Executive Committees, February 25, 1920LeninJul 1920
 Telegram to the Suzdal Uyezd Executive Committee, January 12, 1919LeninJan 1919
 Telegram to the Tambov Gubernia Executive Committee, December 7, 1918LeninDec 1918
 Telegram to the Tambov Gubernia Food Committee, August 20, 1918LeninAug 1918
 Telegram to the Technical Committee of the Economic Council of the Northern Area, November 21, 1918LeninNov 1918
 Telegram to the Urals Economic Council, October 28, 1918LeninOct 1918
 Telegram to the Yelatma Uyezd Executive Committee, February 18, 1919LeninFeb 1919
 Telephone Message to the Podolsk Uyezd Executive Committee, Moscow Gubernia, June 22, 1920LeninJun 1920