Draft Resolution for a Conference of Representatives of District Committees and Army Units of Petrograd Together with Representatives of the CC and the PC

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JUNE 10 (23), 1917

Having studied the resolutions of the Congress of Soviets and other organisations, carried today in Izvestia Petrogradskogo Sovieta, and also the CC resolution published in Pravda, concerning the observance of the ban on demonstrations for three days—

—having studied these resolutions and discussed the state of affairs,


In view of the fact that the Congress of Soviets and the Executive Committee of the All-Russia Soviet of Peasants’ Deputies have made their straightforward statement in their appeal:

“We know that concealed forces of the counter-revolution want to take advantage of your demonstration”

—in view of this it is necessary to admit that we have imagined the counter-revolution to be much weaker, for we have no knowledge as yet of what the Congress of Soviets knows;

—that, consequently, the struggle against the counter revolution is an even more urgent item on the order of the day;

—that the CC resolution on abiding by the direct ban on demonstrations for three days is correct;

—that it is necessary....

Here the MS. breaks off.