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A Contradictory StandLeninJun 1917
A Glimpse of Soviet DemocracyLeon TrotskyOct 1922
A Proletarian MilitiaLeninApr 1917
A Regrettable Deviation From the Principles of DemocracyLeninMay 1917
Achievements and Difficulties of the Soviet GovernmentLeninJan 1919
Addenda to the Draft Decree on the Procedure for Sending Commissars Out to the ProvincesLeninApr 1918
Addendum to the Draft Decision for the CPC Concerning the Activities of the Committee of Inquiry Under the Petrograd SovietLeninFeb 1918
Addendum to the Draft Decree on the Organisation of Supply for the PopulationLeninNov 1918
Advice of an OnlookerLeninOct 1917
All Power to the Soviets!LeninJul 1917
Among Newspapers and Periodicals (July 4, 1906)LeninJul 1906
An Alliance to Stop the RevolutionLeninJun 1917
BlancismLeninApr 1917
Bugun Fishermen’s and Worker’s Soviet of the Northern Coast, Aral Sea, October 7, 1921LeninOct 1921
Can the Bolsheviks Retain State Power?LeninOct 1917
Combating Economic Chaos By a Spate of CommissionsLeninMay 1917
Congress of Peasants’ DeputiesLeninApr 1917
Constitutional IllusionsLeninAug 1917
Crisis Is Approaching, Dislocation Is IncreasingLeninJul 1917
Declaration Of Rights Of The Working And Exploited PeopleLeninJan 1918
Direct-Line Conversation With HelsingforsLeninNov 1917
Directives To The Vladivostok SovietLeninApr 1917
Directives to the Commissariat for Agriculture Re Modification of InstructionsLeninAug 1919
Draft Decision for the CPC on Instructions Concerning Purveyance of Raw MaterialsLeninDec 1919
Draft Decision for the CPC on the Activities of the Committee of Inquiry Under the Petrograd SovietLeninJan 1918
Draft Decision for the CPC on the Order of Subordination of the Baltic and Black Sea FleetsLeninJan 1918
Draft Decision for the Council of Defence on the Mobilisation of Soviet EmployeesLeninMay 1919
Draft Decision for the Plenum of the CC, RCP(b) on the Conflict Between the Petrograd Commune and the Petrograd SovietLeninJul 1920
Draft Decree On The Dissolution Of The Constituent AssemblyLeninJan 1918
Draft Decree On The Right Of RecallLeninNov 1917
Draft Decree on Workers’ ControlLeninNov 1917
Draft Resolution for a Conference of Representatives of District Committees and Army Units of Petrograd Together with Representatives of the CC and the PCLeninJun 1917
Draft Resolution on the Present Political SituationLeninSep 1917
Draft Resolution on the Report on the Domestic and Foreign Situation of the Soviet Republic at the Extraordinary Plenary Meeting of the Moscow Soviet of Workers’ and Red Army DeputiesLeninApr 1919
Draft Statement by the CC RSDLP(b) and the Bureau of the Bolshevik Group to the All-Russia Congress of Soviets Regarding the Ban on the DemonstrationLeninJun 1917
Draft Theses, March 17, 1917LeninMar 1917
Draft of A Manifesto To The Peasantry From The Second All-Russia Congress Of Soviets Of Peasants’ DeputiesLeninDec 1917
Draft of Telegram to All Soviets Of Deputies Concerning The Worker-Peasant AllianceLeninAug 1918
Draft of an Order for all SovietsLeninMar 1918
Eighth Congress of the RCP(b)LeninMar 1919
Extraordinary All-Russia Railwaymen’s Congress (January 1918)LeninJan 1918
Extraordinary Fourth All-Russia Congress Of SovietsLeninMar 1918
Extraordinary Plenary Meeting Of The Moscow Soviet Of Workers’ And Red Army DeputiesLeninApr 1919
Extraordinary Sixth All-Russia Congress Of Soviets Of Workers’, Peasants’, Cossacks’and Red Army DeputiesLeninNov 1918
Fifth All-Russia Congress of Soviets of Workers’ Peasants’, Soldiers’ and Red Army DeputiesLeninJul 1918
First All-Russia Congress of Soviets of Workers’ and Soldiers’ DeputiesLeninJun 1917
First All-Russian Congress of Peasants’ DeputiesLeninMay 1917
First Congress of the Communist InternationalLeninMar 1919
For the Congress of SovietsLeninJun 1917
From a Publicist’s Diary (Peasants and Workers)LeninSep 1917
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