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 Texts published in Sotsial-DemokratAuthorDate
The Debate on the Extension of the Duma’s Budgetary PowersLenin1908
On the RoadLenin1909
The Aim of the Proletarian Struggle in Our RevolutionLenin1909
Classes and Parties in Their Attitude to Religion and the ChurchLenin1909
The Tsar Against the Finnish PeopleLenin1909
The Eleventh Session of the International Socialist BureauLenin1909
The Last Word of Russian LiberalismLenin1909
Towards Unity (1910)Lenin1910
Golos (Voice) of the Liquidators Against the PartyLenin1910
What to Fight For?Lenin1910
One of the Obstacles to Party UnityLenin1910
The Campaign Against FinlandLenin1910
They are Nervous About the ArmyLenin1910
Party Unity AbroadLenin1910
The Vperyod FactionLenin1910
How Certain Social-Democrats Inform the International About the State of Affairs in the RSDLPLenin1910
The Question of Co-Operative Societies at the International Socialist Congress in CopenhagenLenin1910
Is This the Turn of the Tide?Lenin1910
L. N. TolstoyLenin1910
Two Worlds (1910)Lenin1910
The Demonstration on the Death of MuromtsevLenin1910
The State of Affairs in the PartyLenin1910
The Career of a Russian TerroristLenin1911
Wreckers of the Party in the Role of “Wreckers of Legends”Lenin1911
“The Peasant Reform” and the Proletarian-Peasant RevolutionLenin1911
Reformism in the Russian Social-Democratic MovementLenin1911
From the Camp of the Stolypin “Labour” Party (September 14, 1911)Lenin1911
Comment by Sotsial-Demokrat Editors on Statement by Commission Convening Plenary Meeting of CCLenin1911
The Election Campaign and the Election PlatformLenin1911
From the Camp of the Stolypin “Labour” Party (October 18, 1911)Lenin1911
Stolypin and the RevolutionLenin1911
The New Faction of Conciliators, Or the VirtuousLenin1911
From the Camp of the Stolypin “Labour” Party (December 8, 1911)Lenin1911
Speech Delivered in the Name of the RSDLP at The Funeral of Paul and Laura Lafargue December 3, 1911Lenin1911
Trotsky’s Diplomacy and a Certain Party PlatformLenin1911
The Slogans and Organisation of Social-Democratic Work Inside and Outside the DumaLenin1911
The Results of the Arbitration of the “Trustees”Lenin1911
Agency of the Liberal BourgeoisieLenin1911
The Climax of the Party CrisisLenin1911
In Memory of HerzenLenin1912
The Liquidators Against the PartyLenin1912
The Fourth Duma Election Campaign and the Tasks of the Revolutionary Social-DemocratsLenin1912
The Revolutionary UpswingLenin1912
The Liquidators Oppose Revolutionary Mass StrikesLenin1912
The Slogans of the All-Russia Conference of the RSDLP in January 1912 and the May Day MovementLenin1912
The Platform of the Reformists and the Platform of the Revolutionary Social-DemocratsLenin1912
The Illegal Party and Legal WorkLenin1912
The Development of Revolutionary Strikes and Street DemonstrationsLenin1913
The Split Among the Polish Social-DemocratsLenin1913
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 Texts mentioning Sotsial-DemokratAuthorDate
Letter to The Secretary Of The Editorial Board Of The Central Organ, November 4, 1909Lenin1909
Letter to the Editor of Sotsial-Demokrat, Earlier than November 18, 1912Lenin1912
Letter to the Editorial Board of Sotsial-Demokrat, Before February 27, 1913Lenin1913
Letter to the Editorial Board of Sotsial-Demokrat, Before March 29, 1913Lenin1913
Letter to the Editorial Board of Sotsial-Demokrat, December 17, 1910Lenin1910
Notes on Sotsial-Demokrat, No. 1Lenin1906