The German Refugees in London

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For some time funds have been coming in so scantily for the German refugees here that these latter have suffered the greatest misery. A number of them, who so far have been unable to find any work in their trade here, have been sleeping in the streets and parks for almost a week and are suffering hunger. In various quarters the differences between the committees and allegations of biassed distribution of funds have been made a pretext for not sending any money for the refugees. Messrs. Struve, Bobzin and others have contributed to this situation by declaring that the undersigned Committee supports only “Communists”.

We declare once again that we have, supported everybody without distinction who proved his status as a German refugee in need of support. Our books and receipts are there to prove it, and are available at any time for inspection by donors or their representatives. At a full meeting of the committee of Messrs. Struve, Bobzin and others, co-signatory Willich asked the refugees who had received support which of them had been asked whether he was a “Communist”. Not one raised his hand!

We declare the above claims of Messrs. Struve, Bobzin and others to be lies and slander.

This declaration removes the pretext under which the London refugees have hitherto been deprived oï support from various quarters.

London, June 14, 1850

The Social-Democratic Refugee Committee:

K. Marx, F. Engels, K. Pfänder,

A. Willich, H. Bauer

Letters and contributions are requested at the address of K.Pfänder, 21 King Street, Soho, London