Note by the Committee for Publication of the Minutes of the RSDLP Third Congress to the Text of the Minutes

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Concerning the number of votes at the Congress, the Minutes Committee requests readers to bear the following in mind. At the Congress, there were 46 votes represented by 23 delegates, of whom one had one vote, one had three and the rest, two each. (With the arrival of Comrade Golubin, i.e., from the 18th sitting on, there were 24 delegates.) Almost all the voting at the Congress was counted according to the number of delegates, i.e., for the sake of simplicity, it was assumed that all the delegates had one vote each. That is why the number of votes for and against adds up to 23 and not to 46. It goes without saying that this simplification of the count could not have any effect on the results, because both the number of votes for and the number of votes against were equally halved. There was not a single instance of a division of votes where a decision depended on a single comrade with three votes.