Letter to the editor of The Times, May 28, 1850

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Author(s) Karl Marx
Written 28 May 1850

Source: Marx-Engels Collected Works, Volume 10, p. 352;
Published: in The Times, May 28, 1850.
Collection(s): The Times (UK)
Keywords : Germany, Refugees, Letter

Sir, — In your number of Friday last we perceive, among the police reports, an account of an interview of Messrs. Fothergill, Struve, and others, at the Mansion-house, with Mr. Alderman Gibbs, on behalf of the German refugees. We beg to declare that neither any of the members of the undersigned committee, nor any of the German refugees supported by that committee, have had any connexion with this affair.

We request you, Sir, to publish this declaration in your next, as, in the interest of our nationality, we must protest against the numerous German refugees residing in London being made responsible for a step taken by some of them upon their own authority.

We are, Sir, your most obedient servants
The Democratic Socialist Committee for German Political Refugees —

Ch. Marx
Ch. Pfaender
F. Engels
H. Bauer
A. Willich

20 Great Windmill Street, Haymarket,
May 27, 1850