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 Texts with keyword SwitzerlandAuthorDate of writing
Address of the Central Authority to the League, June 1850Karl Marx
Friedrich Engels
June 1850
Address of the Central Commission of the Workers’ Associations of Switzerland to the Executive of the March association in Frankfurt Am MainFriedrich EngelsDecember 1848
An Open Letter to Charles Naine, Member of the International Socialist Committee in BerneLenin26 December 1916
Berne Declared Federal Capital. FransciniFriedrich Engels28 November 1848
Budget (Neue Rheinische Zeitung, January 1849)Friedrich Engels9 January 1849
Critical Remarks on the National QuestionLeninOctober 1913
Debate in the National CouncilFriedrich Engels22 November 1848
Defence of NeutralityLeninJanuary 1917
Duel between Berg and LuviniFriedrich Engels30 November 1848
Editorial Comment on Veteran’s Article: “The National Question and the Lettish Proletariat”LeninFebruary 1914
Elections to the Federal Court. MiscellaneousFriedrich Engels18 November 1848
Elections. SydowFriedrich Engels21 November 1848
Farewell Letter to the Swiss WorkersLenin26 March 1917
From Paris to BerneFriedrich EngelsOctober 1848
Herr Muller. Radetzky's Chicanery towards Tessin. The Federal Council. LohbauerFriedrich Engels8 January 1849
Herr VogtKarl MarxFebruary 1860
How We ArrivedLenin7 April 1917
How the “Spark” Was Nearly ExtinguishedLeninSeptember 1900
In Switzerland (August 31, 1912)Lenin31 August 1912
In Switzerland (July 12, 1912)Lenin12 July 1912
Joint Sitting of the Councils. The Federal CouncilFriedrich Engels26 November 1848
Letter of the Central Commission of the Workers’ Associations in Switzerland to the Association in VivisFriedrich Engels25 December 1848
Letter to Adolf Cluss, December 7, 1852Karl Marx7 December 1852
Letter to August Bebel, August 18, 1886Friedrich Engels18 August 1886
Letter to Ferdinand Freiligrath, July 31, 1849Karl Marx31 July 1849
Letter to Ferdinand Lassalle, April 9, 1860Karl Marx9 April 1860
Letter to Ferdinand Lassalle, September 15, 1860Karl Marx15 September 1860
Letter to Friedrich Adolph Sorge, September 16, 1886Friedrich Engels16 September 1886
Letter to Friedrich Engels, August 17, 1849Karl Marx17 August 1849
Letter to Friedrich Engels, August 19, 1865Karl Marx19 August 1865
Letter to Friedrich Engels, August 23, 1849Karl Marx23 August 1849
Letter to Friedrich Engels, June 2, 1853Karl Marx2 June 1853
Letter to Friedrich Engels, May 13, 1865Karl Marx13 May 1865
Letter to Friedrich Engels, November 20, 1865Karl Marx20 November 1865
Letter to Friedrich Engels, October 30, 1869Karl Marx30 October 1869
Letter to Friedrich Engels, October 4, 1867Karl Marx4 October 1867
Letter to Friedrich Engels, September 7, 1864Karl Marx7 September 1864
Letter to Friedrich Engels, about April 12, 1857Jenny von Westphalen12 April 1857
Letter to Hermann Jung, December 28, 1868Karl Marx28 December 1868
Letter to Jakob Lukas-Schabelitz, August 24, 1849Friedrich Engels24 August 1849
Letter to Jakob Lukas-Schabelitz, December 22, 1849Friedrich Engels22 December 1849
Letter to Jenny Marx, July 25, 1849Friedrich Engels25 July 1849
Letter to Joseph Weydemeyer, April 12, 1853Friedrich Engels12 April 1853
Letter to Joseph Weydemeyer, End of July 1849Karl MarxJuly 1849
Letter to Karl Marx, August 19, 1846Friedrich Engels19 August 1846
Letter to Karl Marx, January 15, 1847Friedrich Engels15 January 1847
Letter to Karl Marx, January 7, 1858Friedrich Engels7 January 1858
Letter to Karl Marx, January 8, 1849Friedrich Engels8 January 1849
Letter to Karl Marx, November 2, 1846Friedrich Engels2 November 1846
Letter to Karl Marx, October 26, 1847Friedrich Engels26 October 1847
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