Lord Palmerston

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A Critique of Palmerston's Latest SpeechKarl MarxJun 1855
A Pro-America Meeting (January 1862)Karl MarxJan 1862
Comments on the Cabinet Crisis (January 1855)Karl MarxJan 1855
Controversy Over the Trent CaseKarl MarxDec 1861
Defeat of the Palmerston MinistryKarl MarxMar 1857
English Humanism and AmericaKarl MarxJun 1862
English-French Mediation in ItalyKarl MarxOct 1848
From Parliament (March 21, 1855)Karl MarxMar 1855
LayardKarl MarxMar 1855
Letter to Ludwig Kugelmann, December 13, 1870Karl MarxDec 1870
Letter to Ludwig Kugelmann, May 11, 1869Karl MarxMay 1869
Lord John RussellKarl MarxAug 1855
Lord PalmerstonKarl MarxJan 1853
Lord Palmerston (February 1855)Karl MarxFeb 1855
Movements of Mazzini and Kossuth. League with Louis Napoleon. Palmerston.Karl MarxOct 1852
On the New Ministerial Crisis (1855)Karl MarxFeb 1855
Palmerston (February 27, 1855)Karl MarxFeb 1855
Palmerston's ResignationKarl MarxDec 1853
Palmerston. The ArmyKarl Marx
Friedrich Engels
Feb 1855
Palmerston. The Physiology of the Ruling Class of Great BritainKarl MarxJul 1855
Parliament (February 17, 1855)Karl MarxFeb 1855
Parliamentary News (January 1855)Karl MarxJan 1855
Parliamentary and Military Affairs (1855)Karl Marx
Friedrich Engels
Feb 1855
Political Parties and ProspectsKarl MarxOct 1852
Prince Albert's Toast. The Stamp Duty on NewspapersKarl MarxJun 1855
Progress of Feelings in EnglandKarl MarxDec 1861
Result of the Election (April 1857)Karl MarxApr 1857
The Buying of Commissions. News from AustraliaKarl MarxMar 1855
The Derby Ministry. Palmerston's Sham ResignationKarl MarxFeb 1858
The London Times and Lord PalmerstonKarl MarxOct 1861
The Opinion of the Newspapers and the Opinion of the People (December 1861)Karl MarxDec 1861
The Parties and Cliques (February 1855)Karl MarxFeb 1855
The Poland Meeting (August 1855)Karl MarxAug 1855
The Washington Cabinet and the Western PowersKarl MarxDec 1861