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 Texts with keyword "Government"AuthorDate
 A RiddleLeninJun 1917
 A Strong Revolutionary GovernmentLeninMay 1917
 Already the “New” Government is Lagging Behind Even the Peasant Mass, Leave Alone the Revolutionary WorkersLeninMay 1917
 AnxietyLeninApr 1917
 Apropos of Stolypin’s DeclarationLeninFeb 1907
 Banks and MinistersLeninApr 1917
 Bourgeois Financial Magnates and PoliticiansLeninJun 1913
 Camphausen (1849)Karl MarxFeb 1849
 Capitalist Mockery of the PeopleLeninMay 1917
 DebacleLeninMay 1905
 Defeat of the Palmerston MinistryKarl MarxMar 1857
 Direct-line conversation between the Government and Field HQLeninNov 1917
 Draft Decision for the CPC on Staff Salaries in Government OfficesLenin
 Draft Decision for the Politbureau of the CC, RCP(b) (January, not before 17, 1920)LeninJan 1920
 Draft Rules For Office EmployeeLeninOct 1917
 Draft Wireless Message To The Government Of The German ReichLeninFeb 1918
 Financial Failure of Government. Cabs. Ireland. The Russian QuestionKarl MarxJul 1853
 First Exposure of Cadet Negotiations with the CabinetLeninDec 1911
 Foreword to the Pamphlet "How the Socialist Revolutionaries Cheated the People and What the New Bolshevik Government Has Given the People"LeninNov 1917
 From France (1913)LeninMay 1913
 Government, Duma and PeopleLeninMay 1906
 Impeachment of the GovernmentKarl MarxNov 1848
 In Search of a NapoleonLeninMay 1917
 Instructions on the Procedure for Tabling Questions in the CPCLeninDec 1917
 Letter to Ludwig Kugelmann, June 24, 1874Karl MarxJun 1874
 Letter to the CC of the RCP(b), Between March 4 and 24, 1919LeninMar 1919
 Letter to the International Socialist Bureau, July 4, 1905LeninJul 1905
 Memo to G. Y. Zinoviev with the draft of the Soviet Government’s reply to E. VanderveldeLeninMar 1922
 Mr. Struve on the Need to “Reform the Government”LeninFeb 1914
 Negotiations About the CabinetLeninJun 1906
 Note to Georgy Chicherin and Remarks on a Draft Soviet Government Declaration on Debt Recognition, October 24, 1921LeninOct 1921
 On the Death of TrubetskoiLeninOct 1905
 On the Eve (1917)LeninMay 1917
 On the Provisional Revolutionary GovernmentLeninMay 1905
 Radio-Telegram to Bela Kun, April 7, 1919LeninApr 1919
 Remarks on the Article “On a Provisional Revolutionary Government”LeninMay 1905
 Resolution (III) of the St. Petersburg Committee of the RSDLP on the Question of a Duma MinistryLeninJun 1906
 Russian Government and Russian ReformsLeninSep 1913
 Second All-Russia Congress of Soviets of Workers' and Soldiers' DeputiesLeninNov 1917
 Six Theses On The Immediate Tasks Of The Soviet GovernmentLeninApr 1918
 Sketch of a Provisional Revolutionary GovernmentLeninJul 1905
 Speech from the ThroneKarl Marx
Friedrich Engels
Mar 1849
 Talk and Rumours about the Dissolution of the State DumaLeninMay 1906
 Telegram to Arthur Henderson, February 6, 1918LeninFeb 1918
 Telegram to the Soviet Socialist Government of Azerbaijan, May 5, 1920LeninMay 1920
 The British Labour Movement in 1912LeninJan 1913
 The Cadet Duma Grants Money to the Pogrom-Mongers’ GovernmentLeninJun 1906
 The Camphausen GovernmentKarl MarxJun 1848
 The Dark Forces Are For the Cadets, the Mensheviks and Narodniks Are in One Government With the CadetsLeninMay 1917
 The Downfall of the Camphausen Government (1)Karl Marx
Friedrich Engels
Jun 1848
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