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Address to the German National Assembly in Frankfurt Adopted by a Public Meeting Held in Cologne on September 7, 1848Karl Marx
Friedrich Engels
9 September 1848
Decision of the Mass Meeting (Cologne, 1848)Karl Schapper
Friedrich Engels
Joseph Moll
Ernst Dronke
23 September 1848
From the Minutes of the General Meeting of the Democratic Society in Cologne Held on August 11, 1848Karl Marx
Friedrich Engels
25 August 1848
Letter to August Bebel, October 12, 1875Friedrich Engels12 October 1875
Letter to Berta Markheim, October 12, 1863Jenny von Westphalen12 October 1863
Letter to Ernst Dronke, February 3, 1849Karl Marx3 February 1849
Letter to Friedrich Engels, July 27, 1866Karl Marx27 July 1866
Letter to Friedrich Engels, November 18, 1864Karl Marx18 November 1864
Letter to Jenny Marx, December 15, 1863Karl Marx15 December 1863
Letter to Louise Weydemeyer, March 11, 1861Jenny von Westphalen11 March 1861
Protest of the Democratic Society in Cologne against the Incorporation of Posen in the German ConfederationKarl Marx13 August 1848
The Assembly at FrankfurtFriedrich Engels31 May 1848
The First Deed of the German National Assembly in FrankfurtKarl Marx22 June 1848
The Frankfurt Assembly Debates the Polish QuestionFriedrich EngelsAugust 1848
The Frankfurt March Association and the Neue Rheinische ZeitungKarl Marx15 March 1849
The Uprising in FrankfurtFriedrich Engels19 September 1848
Vienna and Frankfurt, March 12, 1849Karl Marx12 March 1849