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 Texts published in ZvezdaAuthorDate
 Differences in the European Labour MovementLeninDec 1910
 Certain Features of the Historical Development of MarxismLeninDec 1910
 Lev Tolstoi and His EpochLeninJan 1911
 The Cadets on “Two Camps” and “Sensible Compromise”LeninFeb 1911
 Comments (Menshikov, Gromoboi, Izgoyev)LeninFeb 1911
 The Cadets and the OctobristsLeninApr 1911
 Conference of the British Social-Democratic PartyLeninApr 1911
 The Meaning of the CrisisLeninApr 1911
 “Regret” and “Shame”LeninMay 1911
 The Results of the Duma SessionLeninMay 1911
 Old Truths That Are Ever NewLeninJun 1911
 The Grand TotalLeninOct 1911
 Two CentresLeninNov 1911
 Old and New (November 5, 1911)LeninNov 1911
 Hyndman on MarxLeninNov 1911
 A Liberal Labour Party ManifestoLeninDec 1911
 The Campaign for the Elections to the Fourth DumaLeninDec 1911
 Old and New (December 10, 1911)LeninDec 1911
 An Organ of a Liberal Labour PolicyLeninFeb 1912
 Political Parties in the Five Years of the Third DumaLeninMar 1912
 Deputy T. O. Belousov’s Withdrawal from the Social-Democratic Group in the DumaLeninMar 1912
 The Bloc of the Cadets with the Progressists and its SignificanceLeninMar 1912
 A Poor Defence of a Liberal Labour PolicyLeninApr 1912
 The Second Ballot in Russia and the Tasks of the Working ClassLeninApr 1912
 Liberalism and DemocracyLeninApr 1912
 A Caricature of Marxism and Imperialist EconomismLeninAug 1916

 Texts mentioning ZvezdaAuthorDate
 Letter to the Editorial Board of Zvezda, March 13, 1912LeninMar 1912
 Letter to the Editor of Zvezda, April 22, 1912LeninApr 1912